23 December, 2018

New Updates

Lately I've been busy enrolling for college at the Southern New Hampshire University. I plan to do everything online since I live in Minnesota. I've done lots of schooling already ever since being homeschooled. I felt I had to make up for not going to public school, but mainly too because I desired to have proper education. So I skipped grades and learned straight college level education.

This time however, I want to focus on a major relating to my main career, writing. I saw Creative Writing. I did get schooling on Creative Writing already, but just to get certificates not a degree and I would like to have a degree in Creative Writing. I have heard agents and publishers do tend to take writers more seriously if they have at least some real education or basically a degree to prove your education in writing. I thought since I don't have past writing experience, maybe they won't take me seriously. People already don't take me seriously because of my age and they just assume I am not serious when it comes to writing. This is also to know the latest things on the industry and know things I don't know.

Most of my major related to history, but mainly nursing. I spent all my time training and schooling to become a nursing staff and PCA. It's nothing related to writing, but it did help in my writing career. I was learning things that was relevant to what I write about. I revolved my education around learning about the topics I write about in my books, manga, scripts and other things. That mean getting schooling on history, health, science, grammar, cultures and social sciences. I also did study languages. Earlier, I didn't have any interest in studying the languages I'm learning now, but French. So my earlier years, I spent studying the French language.

I just can't decide which one I should choose. Creative Writing or Web Design for a Bachelor's degree? Well, because of the recent government shutdown, I have been having to wait to enroll or to complete enrollment. That's okay because that gives me time to decide.

For writing, unfortunately, I have been getting less work done. I try to get back into writing at least something everyday. I think December 21 was the last time I worked on my WIPS. Well not really. I mostly research for books and write down ideas and notes through my phone until I can write. It's hard to concentrate in my house, so I have to wait until everyone is asleep, which can take a long time. I would like to write a lot more and write everyday.

For the blog, I have been working on getting headers for the two other blogs I have. Also I was working on upgrading them, in which no, I'm not done upgrading the blogs.

And for my Living Doll Transformation update, I am still pursuing my goal to become a new real life doll. I am currently building my wardrobe, makeup supplies and change up my bedroom. I plan to share more in another post.

So, this is what I wanted to share... 

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