11 December, 2018

Not Freelancing

I know I've been asked by others if I was a freelance writer and even some people assuming I write just as a pastime, freelancing activity. I must make this post to let everyone know I am not a freelance writer. I seek to become a professionally published writer.

Writing will be my full-time career and job. The reason I don't have anything available for people to read (currently) is that I am aspiring and simply an unpublished writer. I have been perfecting my writing skills and improving my projects until I knew they were publish ready. I didn't want to rush to publish my books, but they lack the ingredients in order to be a solid read. I've gotten so much pressure from online about publishing. I will get there and I'm more closer to publication than I was years ago. I knew my first book wasn't ready to be published. That's why I had to learn about proper book writing. After learning this, I went back and fixed the problems with the book.

While I do not find anything wrong with freelance writing, this is not what I'm doing. I'm not a freelance writer for I seek to be a full-time writer. Well, I am already a full-time writer, the only thing is that I am not published yet. I was not ready to publish because I wasn't done fixing the problems and I wasn't finished with the story itself. I wasn't going to send a book out there I know had inconsistencies, was not cohesive and the dialogue needed to be improved just because those online tried pressuring me about not being published yet.

I know my age gives me the advantage with my writing career. I worked on the particular book I will publish first for years, trying to make it better. I know it won't be perfect, but I still couldn't be lazy about writing if I call myself a serious writer. That I am. I know I had to do the best of my ability to write the book, write the best I can write and do it wholeheartedly. When I put my book out there, I want it to show how much I put into my projects. I did work extra hard on my writing and investing in my career and future. That's why my youth was unconventional and not typical. Most of my childhood was spent investing into my career.

It would be nice to have my investment start budding and blossoming. 

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