17 April, 2021

Overcooked Is The Hardest Game Ever!

I heard there's other Overcooked games. Unfortunately, I never mastered the first one to get them. When I first saw Overcooked, I was excited. I love cooking games (mostly on my phone) and I just love games with this sort of look. The first play seemed easy, until getting to the other levels. Do you still call them levels? I don't know anymore. But I get to the 9th level, and I'm stuck there, thinking restarting from the beginning will help. It doesn't. 

Overcooked is for skilled gamers, and I admit, I'm no skilled gamer. This is why I never bothered playing the other games. I watch others play on Youtube, but that's it. Now when I play it, I get overwhelmed and freeze while the time is running out. Or the second player is forced to fail on their own. I gave up trying and wish I could play Overcooked 2, but know it would end up the same way.  

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