• Posted by : Tikaani Moon 14 December, 2018

    Since I have completed all the preparations in preparing my first book, the real search for a literary agent has officially started. For years, I've been studying about this and now the time has finally come for me.

    Since my first book, and book series is Fantasy, I have been going over agents who represents Fantasy. I haven't found one yet that fits the type of work I write, but I am certain I will. I am currently looking for someone who would cover Fiction, stuff like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and other stuff related. I do have to make sure if the agent would be willing to work with an international publisher.

    I am not sure if I would like to publish in the United States, but if things work out well, I might. However, when it comes to both agents and publishers, I'm not narrowing my search to just the United States. I will find where my work will be most accepted and perceived the best.

    I know I've read about rejections, but they do not bother me. I feel if there is a rejection, it's only because it wasn't a good fit. I am searching for someone who would believe in my work and who would acknowledge my years of hard work.

    Since I am sharing my path to publication, I will continue to share updates regarding this. I know I've been wanting this for years, but I still can't believe I'm at this point. I know my work is far from over, but my writing will officially begin once I am published.

    After this journey of perfecting my writing and my book series, I can gladly say I've worked my own way up to this point independently. I know others speak of writing communities and groups for support, but frankly, no one but my family has supported me through this journey. To everyone else, I was considered the outsider and the underdog. Being a lone Wolf anyway, I preferred to lean only on my own two feet to get things done. 

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    1. Good luck! Hope you'll participate in #IWSGPit next month. Who knows what might happen?

      1. Thank you. Yes, I always will. I already pre wrote a post for IWSG.


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