03 December, 2018

Writers Blogging

After years of advice not to blog, I've recently ran across articles which suggest it's good for writers to blog. You can get a little confused with these contradicting information, but for me personally, I think blogging was a good choice.

I have read again, that aspiring writers can build an audience and an introduction before their publication. I still haven't found an agent or publisher yet, but I've been more closer to publishing than ever before. Others were invited to read about my journey to publication. 

I do know how tricky blogging can be. I'm still quite new to blogging and perhaps others can notice that. It's the reason why I stuck to Blogger so I can improve my blogging without being overwhelmed by less simple blogging platforms. Blogger is a good starting place for new bloggers, but it's also a good place to stay and I think even after I fully get the hang of blogging, I won't move to another platform. I don't like change at all. 

I am aware though how hard it can be to maintain a blog and it can sometimes take some work. This is the reason some believed writers shouldn't blog because we assume writing a book is the same with blogging, and people think it isn't. Well, no it's not. I realize now that once you start blogging, you have to maintain it. Blogging is something that once you start, you must then be committed to keeping an active blog. 

There's the issue of possibly running out of topics and things to blog about. This is why although some may see my blog as disorganized and random, I like to keep it while, focused, a little broad. This way I perhaps would never run out of topics and won't allow a blog to become inactive. I know I dislike inactive blogs, especially since I've been reading blogs. 

I may have an issue where since articles have emphasized how blogging is not the same as writing a book, I tend to not treat it as-well, I'm not sure what to call it. I wouldn't say serious, but I have a habit of doing less time proofreading my posts before publishing it. That's why I may have some strange errors in my posts, but after I publish them, I usually notice it and have to edit the post to fix my mistake. Like this very post, I'm sure I won't proofread it enough. Plus, since I've spent so much time studying other languages, I tend to make terrible mistakes in the English language. I also read lots of stuff with bad English which I tend to pick up. I have noticed this to be one of my bad habits of writing when I'm not working on my WIPs. 

I guess it can be tricky not to run out of topics and to not become redundant with posts. I am unsure if I have ever became redundant, but I guess since it is an Author Blog, it gives a little room for topics. I guess. 

So, I guess that's all I wanted to share about blogging as a writer.  


  1. After nine years of blogging, I'm certainly not switching to another platform.
    I found my niche when I started reviewing movies, music, games, etc. I'll never run out of topics.

    1. Yes, I don't think I'll switch neither. That is a good idea.


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