28 January, 2019


Unfortunately, the book is not available yet because I'm still making final preparations needed to be made first. I decided to reread the entire book again, and I'm glad I did because my family and I were able to catch a few grammatical errors that was missed the other few times I reread it.

So, my family and I are still at chapter 1, but I know it's gonna go fast due to the errors are minimal. I just have to make sure the formatting is right.

I am still working on the book cover. I'm still at the stage where I'm giving descriptions of my vision of the cover design. This book is filled with exciting adventure and I need a cover that captures going off on an adventure, Arctic style. This is where I'm at with the cover art and the book itself.

Fortunately, these are the final preparations needed to be made. I am just polishing it and making sure there's no errors. With the help of my family of course. This book will be available soon this year in 2019. No more will there be another year passing by that I have to say, one of these days I'll publish. I know I've been getting questions about my book, and I have to say to hang tight. It won't be long now, but still, there are first preparations that needs to be made. Just because it is self-publish, that doesn't mean I should reduce my hard wok in half. In order to be taken seriously, I do know I must put forth the effort and give it my all.

The reason I chose to not hire an editor was due to the previous suggestions to my book that I didn't agree with. First, I was advised to remove the parts about Canada because the experts feel my book should be an all American book. No, I'm not going to do that because my book and all of my projects are multicultural. I want to keep it that way and this is what I'll be most known for as having multicultural stories with a blend of diverse characters, languages and countries in one story.

I am rechecking the research as well, in which so far, it is correct. After polishing, formatting and the book cover, I will be ready to make the book available. It has been a pleasure and a lot of uphill battles trying to write this very book, my Fantasy book. I put my heart and soul into this and I can't afford for anyone to hinder my potential success which was why I bypassed all of that unnecessary hassle and decided to self-publish. I've read of successful self-published book and even some that were picked up by unique traditional publishers.

Thinking of this book alone, I can think about the struggles I had trying to improve my writing and improve the book to a publish worthy piece. I love writing and it would be nice to turn my passion into an official career. Well, I have, it's just the difference is that I am not yet published, but yet. I will be published this year guarantee. What to expect is to discover something completely different, something new and fresh. Because I am coming into this industry unconventional, I write new out of the box stuff that I hope my hard work will show in every WIP.

I will give more updates soon, especially I will make sure to share when the book is finally available. 

22 January, 2019

Universal Criticism

One of many of the reasons why I hesitated being a Living Doll was the severe criticism it received from the church. I did know years ago that Christians condemned anything related to Kawaii stuff and Lolita fashion.

I titled this Universal Criticism because I have noticed both the media and the church has equally criticized the Kawaii society. I continue to comment on these bad comments about this society because obviously people misunderstand, but they're not trying to understand neither.

The answer to someone's question is yes, I have worn my Kawaii clothes and Lolita dresses to church before. This was years ago because I don't go to church anymore. I am still a religious person, but I didn't like the problems I had when attending church. Well, when I wore my Lolita clothes, people would give me mean looks, but I get this wherever I wear these sort of clothes. I then learned the church condemns it. I was curious as to why, and I ran across an article which said because Lolita is an alternative style, it could lead to paganism? Also, the Christian community is angry that Catholic and Christian art is used for Lolita, which I don't see anything wrong with it at all. As a religious person myself, I was actually glad to see Lolita brands using artwork from parts of my religion. It also said Christians are only suppose to follow mainstream fashion. This made me believe because Lolita fashion is not mainstream, the church feels threatened by it because this style is not trending, and it's considered alternative fashion.

There were other comments which made me annoyed how the Christian community tried to make the Kawaii society about race and religion, when it isn't. Wearing Japanese fashion has never enticed people to convert to different religions. Again, this society has nothing to do with race or religion. It promotes a multiculturalism. It teaches, regardless of your race, skin colour or religion, anyone from any country is welcomed to wear Lolita, Kawaii clothes and even become a Living Doll.

People who just like wearing Lolita is not the same as being a Living Doll. Often times people assume they're all the same, but they're not. So, there is more condemnation for those like myself who pursue a lifestyle in being a real life doll. I mentioned this to bring awareness to these comments and to help people better understand. Everyone who becomes a part of this society are welcomed to bring their own style, but it depends upon the individual as to how they build their theme and conduct themselves.

Mainly however, being a Kawaii girl is nothing bad. In fact, there are rules, and it promotes innocent child-like thinking, to be kind and it promotes people to always be optimistic. I find nothing wrong with this fashion, especially when most of the Lolita dresses never shows any skin that would deem it inappropriate. There is also nothing wrong with Gothic fashion, a fashion that is often condemned. However, Goth or Pastel Goth fashion is not evil.

I also recently read a ridiculous news article from NPR, stating of a cuteness overload. People such as the Kawaii women who obsess in cute things and surround themselves with cuteness are prone to violent urges. I find these "expert" statements incorrect. I also take offense to that comment since I am building a Kawaii collection. I may like cute things, but never have I had thoughts to harm the cute creatures in Kawaii decor. Never have I wanted to harm animals. If anything, I have been protective of things I see are innocent and defenseless like animals from people who would harm them.

No matter what anyone says, I'm never giving up my new style. I've gotten hooked on the pursuit to become a Living Doll, no one can convince me to give it up. It's too beautiful.

I hope to make more posts about this topic in order to help society better understand. 

19 January, 2019

Some Updates

I wanted to share a few updates. The first update I wanted to share was college, enrolling in college, again. I have now decided which major I wanted to go for.... Web Development. Yes, like HTML, CSS, coding, Website Design and yes, it's lot of math courses to this major. I didn't go choose Creative Writing because to be honest, I don't agree with a lot of the stuff that is taught by the experts. This also goes into my next update...

So because of this same reason, I decided to self-publish. I know the stereotypes about self-published books. You know, most of them have lots of errors and they aren't properly developed and edited, but just because my book is being self published, don't think this will be the case for my book. No, I continue proofreading and editing to make sure there are no errors and that it is properly formatted.

Why did I choose self publish after all this talk of traditional publishing? Well, I watched a few videos, particularly this video: Book Publishing Companies: How to Choose a Publishing Company which I did find extremely insightful. I did read about the issues with contracts and having say over your projects before, but this video in particular brought it back to my head again. I read how publishers seem to want to focus more on what's trending and popular and they dislike if writers wish to explore outside of mainstream, existing bestsellers. They're not trying to be a trend starter, but a trend follower. If you've been reading my blogs, you know that I am not a follower and my WIPs were not created to follow trends, but I wrote what I was passionate about. Plus, I write to be a trend starter, not a trend follower.

I do know what is trending now, and Romance is trending, but I am not interested in selling out from my own views and how I would want my book to be to please these big publishers. I'm not a sell out, never would I be neither. So, my first book-Well, actually my books are not Romance nor are there any Romance themes in them. I feel just because there's a boy and a girl that doesn't mean they have to kiss and make out; that doesn't mean they have to fall in love with each other. I do have a male and female working together during the Fantasy series adventures, but they are nothing more than just like coworkers and I feel it is inappropriate for coworkers to allow emotions and things of that sort to come in between doing business. It's a distraction which draws it away from the plot and/or what's important.

Even from my fashion choices, you know that I am not a mainstream, trend follower. If you know the Lolita and Kawaii or Living Doll community already, you know that this is not mainstream nor is it popular. In fact, there's more criticism about this lifestyle than there is positive comments.

So anyway, I dislike too comparing my books to existing works because it would insinuate I copied or got the whole idea from a book that is already out there. My answer is, no, I do not get my ideas from others nor do I get influenced by other writers and their works. All of these projects rather book, script, game or manga, they are all from my own mind. I saw how the big publishers like that you obsessively compare yourself to other writers and books, but also to imitate things that has been done and not to explore things the world hasn't seen yet. To stay within the safe box and to not explore or use too much creativity, but to recycle existing ideas and concepts. This is something I will never do. I have ideas that is original. The world needs something new, something fresh and something people never saw before and this is what I strive for in all of my entertainment projects.

So, this is the reason why I decided to publish through Amazon's publishing service. I am getting a design done for the book cover. I may post a cover reveal on the blog. I found someone, the same guy from Indonesia who designed my blog header and he agreed to design my book cover. I didn't want my cover to look generic and poorly made and so this is why I chose this person to design my cover because he is an awesome artist.

So, I wanted to give a bit more details about the genre and elements of my first Fantasy book, which is book one to a six book series. The category is a Fantasy, Action/Adventure series, with epic adventure and some thriller and suspense because there is constant danger and struggle. This book is a winter, arctic themed series that has dragons, witches, a wizard, vampires, werewolves, domovoys, demons, castles and lots of mystic and wonder. I used the Native American culture as a main theme, but there's also Canadian, American, Japanese, Indian (South Asian), Russian and French culture.

This book I believe revolutionizes female characters and female villains. There's only one type of female villain I like, and that is someone who is competent, powerful and is focused about what she wants. I personally dislike how most experts tell you to develop female characters. Either overly aggressive (the rude, blunt, nagging, trouble-making, smart mouth wench) or overly passive (weak emotionally or physically, a damsel in distress), but there's no good balance to their characters compared to male characters. I personally dislike the seductive type female villain because I feel that is their whole theme, being sexy and practically naked, wearing revealing clothes and always showing how sexy they are in a quite slutty way. This is not my ideal female villain, heroine or female character altogether. I developed my female characters based upon my own upbringing of my mom teaching me to be independent, self reliant, but also have self-dignity. You can be strong and beautiful at the same time.

So, these are just my views and how I wrote my projects. People are entitled to their views and they have a right to write however they wish.

Anyway, for my enrollment for Web Development, it is a Bachelor's degree. I chose this due to my blog and also the new e-Commerce business my mom and I are starting together. I have taken courses for certificates, but I would like to have a degree in this and advance my education on html and css. When it comes to coding, I dislike being solely depended upon others and so this is why I invested the time to learn how to do this myself.

I will make sure to give lots more updates and fill in details about the book and other updates when I can... 

18 January, 2019

Skipping Facebook

Some were suggesting that I should reopen a Facebook account, which is something I wasn't interested in doing. Then my family said I also should do this, but a Facebook page, not a personal account being that I had security issues with having a personal Facebook account. Plus, Facebook I believe discriminated and profiled.

I agreed to set up a Facebook page, but when I relooked at Facebook, I saw the same problem I had with Facebook years ago continued. Actually it seems I am banned from opening any other account or page with Facebook. I wasn't interested in keeping my old account because I have become more maturer now that I am older and my author brand is more developed. Well, I am still developing it. However, Facebook said I was a security risk and to prove my identity. Due to the recent issues with the politics stuff, more flags were placed on my account. For some reason, Facebook kept the grudge against me for whatever reason.

I will not publish under my real name and I haven't been using my real name, and so even when I try doing business transactions, people don't know my real name and so I have to tell them my real name in order to know I am making a payment for their service. I will publish under Tikaani Moon, but Facebook is not allowing me to use my author name but no one will know who I am if I was to do this. I built my brand using my pen name and trademark. I kept giving Facebook my ID but they request for a passport, which is something I now have. There was that issue they falsely accused me of being an illegal immigrant. I am not, I'm not even an immigrant.

I didn't know what that would mean or how it would affect marketing to be absent on Facebook, but I cannot do anything about that if I was banned from using the site. When I kept trying to resolve the issue, Facebook threatened to deport me to Afghanistan, in which why would you deport an American citizen?

So I decided to leave it alone and to skip Facebook altogether. People are welcomed to share any of my stuff on Facebook, but just I will not have a presence there.

17 January, 2019

Final Preparations and More Updates

Even though I said I wanted to choose traditional publishing, I am still researching publishing options to choose the right one for me. I saw the pros and cons for both publishing options and currently, I'm still trying to decide.

In the meantime, I am also researching the countries right for me to publish in. I am not just looking in the United States because I do not want to limit myself or miss better opportunities.

I've never actually wrote a summary for the book since a few years ago. So I thought to create a new document for book and manga summaries, but I learned I already have a document for that. So I write a bunch of ideas for book summaries. This document I also keep track of the number of projects I have. I've only counted the books on this document, but on others, I have added manga, scripts and games. So far, the number of books I created was 43+ which I think is very good. I know this means I would have a long career, especially due to my age.

You know what you always hear about Millennials, which happens to be right. We are always looking for new, innovative and easier ways of doing things. So, I am looking for this in writing and publishing. I've learned easier ways to self-publish, in which it seems now this seems a bit better than traditional publishing. I have considered doing this, but I am not completely ditching the traditional publishing way. However, I don't see traditional publishing has gotten any easier due to the agents and publishers that you have to market yourself to try and convince them to sell your book. I read about the actual revenue you get from selling books. No, I am not too obsessed with this, but I was seeing how you get a bit more when self publishing because you don't have to split this money with the company and than the others working to help with the book.

I am currently doing final preparations for my book I will publish first. I am making sure the formatting and everything is right and it's completely free of any errors. Now I do know the second book and the other books to the series needs to be finished. However since manga only requires 100 or 200 pages, I have been wanting to work to get this done soon.

 I've heard how many writers quit their jobs in order to become full time writers. I am not going this route. I will continue working as a PCA, but writing isn't the only career I have. I do write books, but then I also write manga, scripts and games, which would give me a bit more to do. Plus, I am developing a new game console.

So whatever I decide to do, I will make sure to post updates here... 

15 January, 2019

Increased Number of Asian Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

I ran across an article as I was scrolling through my Google feed saying there has been an increased number of Asian Fantasy and Science Fiction writers. Now when I say Asian, I noticed most people assume this only refers to East Asians like Chinese or Japanese writers. However, Asian is not limited to these people nor this region. On my other blog, I try to bring awareness to this fact. Anyway, I am referring to the entire Asian race, which does include the Middle East and South Asia.

It would seem Asians are growing an increased interest in writing in the Fiction genre, specifically the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Mostly, they are able to include their own cultures into these genres, which is introducing diversity and readers to unused ethnic groups, religions and cultures. I believe the publishing industry does need more diverse writers, not just diverse characters.

I was interested in this being that I am one of those Asian writers. My first writing was in the Fantasy genre, later on, I became interested in Science Fiction. You also have to know that I write lots of Horror. No one influenced my interest in these genres, I just naturally began writing Fantasy. I guess because I liked my creativity was able to be used. I had random ideas and I just decided to write them down.

I am not really sure how to react to this news. I guess I'm happy to see other Asians writing in the same genres I write in. Earlier, I use to feel out of place in the Fantasy genre because I didn't see people of my ethnic group writing Fantasy or Science Fiction. I really didn't see any person of color writing in these genres. Despite this, I continued because I had more passion to write Fantasy and Science Fiction than any other genre. Although I felt like an outsider, I was never concerned about that ever. Now that there are others writing in these genres, it validates that anyone is able to write Fantasy and Science Fiction regardless of ethnic group.

This also confirms how Fantasy shouldn't be limited, especially when it comes to-well, anything pretty soon. Not having to limit my creativity and my random mind is what makes Fantasy and Science Fiction my favourite genres to write in. Well, also Horror. 

09 January, 2019

Some Things to Clear

I won't do another post like this because I know when you become established or even if you have an online presence and you get more of an audience, you are bound to get bad comments and harassment. I'm not gonna get into the back and forth crap that happened years ago that I later learned... You know what, I won't even acknowledge them on my blog. If people wish to troll me for years, wasting their time, go right ahead. However, because of specific comments made by these particular people, well, those online have been wondering this. I think it wasn't solely because of this incident, but due to the fact I was anonymous for years until the Facebook incident forced me to fill in information about me.

So again, the only reason people cannot find much information about me online on my other profiles is only because, again, I was planning on publishing anonymously. I didn't want my personal information online especially when I was so young on the internet. I started building up my author brand, which people know as my Tikaani Moon brand since the age of 13. So I was online at this age starting off as an aspiring writer. Despite this, Facebook didn't care about my concerns with the internet. I knew being a modern writer however, I did need an online presence.

One thing that some people like to think is that I am some fantasized image of my mom and that I'm something made up. People tends to think that I am not as young as I say I am, and actually someone much older is writing these posts and developing the Tikaani Moon brand. Well, if these people assume that, I'm not sure what to think. Should I be flattered that people would think I'm way older because of my writing? I didn't think my writing on my blog was that great because I do tend to make lots of errors due to me learning so many other languages. I tend to read lots of bad English or forget English rules, and so this is the result.

What I need to note is that, no I'm not older than what I say online. I am a real Millennial, and for years I was actually a teenager. I don't get anyone older to write these posts for me, especially my mom. I write these myself and no, I'm nothing my mom made up to live out her fantasies of being a writer and being a living doll. My mom hates writing and she has no interest in being a living doll herself, and so this is my thing that no one forced me to do.

I am in fact a real person and a real writer. The reason I don't have anything available for anyone is because I was again, improving my writing and my first Fantasy series was actually NOT publish ready. I keep explaining this to people but for some reason they seem to ignore what I am saying to them. Now though, I am ready for publication and will be a published author very soon. I'm currently searching for an agent and publisher.

The reason I haven't moved to Japan yet was mainly due to the issues the U.S. had with North Korea. I read Americans were being kidnapped from Japan who were North Korean spies, posing as Japanese natives. So this was a serious safety risk. That's not all though. I really wanted to know fluent Japanese first before moving to this country. I dislike dealing with language barriers and poor communication. I wanted to learn the laws and the etiquette to avoid making a fool out of myself in Japan. I do love Japan and the Japanese people and I do wish to move outside of the United States. I also haven't been sure recently if I really wanted to still move to Japan because I've been also interested in Germany. I have looked at the process of moving to Germany already.

So that's what I had to clear so people would not have these misconceptions about me anymore, although these trollers are not going to stop.  

08 January, 2019

Living Doll Updates

After watching more videos on real life dolls, I finally found out which country started the living doll trend... It was Ukraine officially, but I do believe both Ukraine and Russia did start the living doll trend, even though people in East Asia were transforming themselves into dolls way before.

I spoke with a woman who works at an Anime Convention. She, like many others have shown an intrigue to know there is someone who is announcing to be a new living doll. Not just any living doll, but some have been considering me to be an extreme living doll. I know I've been getting questions regarding my living doll transformation.

The obvious answer is yes, I'm still pursuing my living doll transformation. It just takes a bit longer than I expected and I don't want to show any before transformation photos. I was viewing makeup tutorials from China which inspired me to experiment what I can accomplish with makeup alone. I will however still get plastic surgery. I've saw a plastic surgery video from South Korea, which tempted me to travel for my plastic surgery. If I'm getting plastic surgery, I do want the best and right now, the leaders of cosmetic surgery is Japan and South Korea. Of course though, I've already seen the dangers of getting plastic surgery in South Korea and this is the reason I've been debating. I know one red flag is many plastic surgery facilities in South Korea do not have an Anesthesiologist present during the actual procedure which I learned is not a good thing. I wonder is the risk worth it?

I've been extra cautious to maintain my porcelain skin. I don't spend lots of time out in the sun or I cover the skin the sun would touch outside. For me, getting a tan would be disastrous since the dolls I want to resemble don't have tans. I have also been trying to sacrifice in my diet in order to maintain a doll waist. Of course though, my waist can be smaller and I have been considering returning to wearing corsets. I know my waist is already small and some have became concerned with possible injury from wearing the corsets. Well, that's the reason why I took a break wearing them. One day, I noticed my stomach was hurting really bad. My mom told me to take the corset off and I did, but I felt that there was some sort of damage done by the corset and that's why I haven't worn it since. I think there was bruising to the organs, and although slowly, it did heal. However, I do wish to have a waist that matches a doll's waist. Not unrealistic goals, but I just think my waist can be smaller. My main goal is to make sure I can always wear Asian sized clothing, which is way smaller than U.S. sized clothing.

I like that I'm able to survive with little food and that's a great start for my diet. I'm willing to make sacrifices to get my desired results and to maintain it.

I've heard that if I become a living doll, I would be one of few of my kind who transformed themselves into real life dolls through plastic surgery and makeup. I'm unsure how true this is, but I am not too concerned with that. It's okay with me that there aren't many Turks who have went to these extremes to resemble a doll.

I love how dolls look. They're beautiful, but I also love how Anime girls look. I am unsure what I should do because I do love the Ellowyne Wilde doll, but I also love the Anime girl look. I am trying to find a way to combine it.

As I have stated before, I am not use to wearing makeup. So I need lots of practice, lots more than I thought. I now know I can't just automatically be a professional at applying Asian styled makeup. I have been inspired what makeup can do, and how it can make someone look like a doll if applied correctly. It would be even nicer if I became a living doll with minimum facial plastic surgery. This is why I've been learning about the Korean beauty products. However, somethings I cannot avoid plastic surgery. I still would like a few ribs removed to make sure I will have a dolly waist.

 I now know there are many who are fascinated in learning there is an new and upcoming real life doll. I'm getting there, steadily. I would be happy when I finally complete my dolly look. With my life changes and plastic surgery, I'm keeping my goals realistic and safe. It's not about looking unreal, I just would love to resemble a doll, as close as possible to a doll's face and body. When people see me, I want them to say, "She looks exactly like a doll." I want to look like a doll for my own happiness. That's what I want to see when looking into a mirror.

I will make sure to post more updates on my journey in transforming myself into a real life doll.

04 January, 2019

Makeover Updates and Announcement

My bedroom along with myself will get a complete makeover and big transformation. I will be giving updates on my progress as usual.

Years ago, I realized how dark my style was. My room has dark colors and no sunlight in it, it is black and red. During that time, I didn't like bright colors, but now I want to change my lifestyle and my whole theme and style. I have lots of Wolf decor in my bedroom, which I was told it doesn't fit with the Kawaii theme. Well, I do want Kawaii, but I'm trying to go for a different style and so the Wolf decor would still work in my bedroom.

Since I am getting a complete makeover and transformation to become a Living Doll, my bedroom needs to fit my new lifestyle. I wanted a room to resemble a dollhouse. Then I have been drawn to the Moroccan and Bohemian theme. I just like lots of colors, but I learned the Kawaii is pastel colors and so I was told to stay within those shades. I still want to incorporate the Moroccan theme in my bedroom makeover. I want a fairytale, mystic type theme as well. This is the main theme I want.

So, my family has been collecting furniture and other things that would help build up the theme I want.

I was thinking I wasn't sure if I would like to actually be a Living Doll, but I do like the dolly look and everything about being a real life doll. I was just considering becoming more like a character. Of course, this is an original character I am creating that I will become. It is sort of Anime themed. I want to become a real life Tikaani Moon, the human version of Tikaani Moon, which I would like to create a doll for the Tikaani Moon character brand.

So the theme I'm building for my bedroom and new lifestyle is fairytale, whimsical, cultural and Kawaii. My bedroom needs a lot of work, but my family is slowly getting it together, including cleaning out the clutter.

I will make sure to give more updates on my progress.  

02 January, 2019

IWSG: January 2nd

The first IWSG posting for 2019. If you want to learn more about it, visit here.

What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

First, my favorite perhaps would-well, I like answering questions regarding my writing, but the favorite is perhaps the genres I write or discussing the themes or elements that's in my writing. Like what sort of stuff I write. I also like getting questions as to how my brand fits with my writing because I am able to further explain and introduce myself. I just get excited when I am able to discuss writing related topics or topics that relate to business. That's basically the only thing I talk about all day everyday. 

The least favorite would have to be I guess questions that pressure me as why I am not published yet. I have explained countless times how I have been improving my writing because I knew my WIPs needed lots of work, especially my first book which I will publish first. I feel people shouldn't stress and pressure me about how long I've been writing without anything published yet. Unfortunately, this is what I've mostly ran across with other writers and people who feel they are of an authority figure to me because of my age. I may be young, but I haven't been wasting my time within my years. I'm just as serious about writing as older writers. If I wasn't, there's no way I would have spent so many years trying to make my writing better, nor would I have been this committed to writing. 

That's why I do feel the stereotypes toward young writers such as myself needs to end. Well, I am tired of the media giving their poor analysis on Millennials. Call me a child, okay fine, but enough with stereotyping Millennials and Teens who write.  

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