17 January, 2019

Final Preparations and More Updates

Even though I said I wanted to choose traditional publishing, I am still researching publishing options to choose the right one for me. I saw the pros and cons for both publishing options and currently, I'm still trying to decide.

In the meantime, I am also researching the countries right for me to publish in. I am not just looking in the United States because I do not want to limit myself or miss better opportunities.

I've never actually wrote a summary for the book since a few years ago. So I thought to create a new document for book and manga summaries, but I learned I already have a document for that. So I write a bunch of ideas for book summaries. This document I also keep track of the number of projects I have. I've only counted the books on this document, but on others, I have added manga, scripts and games. So far, the number of books I created was 43+ which I think is very good. I know this means I would have a long career, especially due to my age.

You know what you always hear about Millennials, which happens to be right. We are always looking for new, innovative and easier ways of doing things. So, I am looking for this in writing and publishing. I've learned easier ways to self-publish, in which it seems now this seems a bit better than traditional publishing. I have considered doing this, but I am not completely ditching the traditional publishing way. However, I don't see traditional publishing has gotten any easier due to the agents and publishers that you have to market yourself to try and convince them to sell your book. I read about the actual revenue you get from selling books. No, I am not too obsessed with this, but I was seeing how you get a bit more when self publishing because you don't have to split this money with the company and than the others working to help with the book.

I am currently doing final preparations for my book I will publish first. I am making sure the formatting and everything is right and it's completely free of any errors. Now I do know the second book and the other books to the series needs to be finished. However since manga only requires 100 or 200 pages, I have been wanting to work to get this done soon.

 I've heard how many writers quit their jobs in order to become full time writers. I am not going this route. I will continue working as a PCA, but writing isn't the only career I have. I do write books, but then I also write manga, scripts and games, which would give me a bit more to do. Plus, I am developing a new game console.

So whatever I decide to do, I will make sure to post updates here... 

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