15 January, 2019

Increased Number of Asian Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

I ran across an article as I was scrolling through my Google feed saying there has been an increased number of Asian Fantasy and Science Fiction writers. Now when I say Asian, I noticed most people assume this only refers to East Asians like Chinese or Japanese writers. However, Asian is not limited to these people nor this region. On my other blog, I try to bring awareness to this fact. Anyway, I am referring to the entire Asian race, which does include the Middle East and South Asia.

It would seem Asians are growing an increased interest in writing in the Fiction genre, specifically the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Mostly, they are able to include their own cultures into these genres, which is introducing diversity and readers to unused ethnic groups, religions and cultures. I believe the publishing industry does need more diverse writers, not just diverse characters.

I was interested in this being that I am one of those Asian writers. My first writing was in the Fantasy genre, later on, I became interested in Science Fiction. You also have to know that I write lots of Horror. No one influenced my interest in these genres, I just naturally began writing Fantasy. I guess because I liked my creativity was able to be used. I had random ideas and I just decided to write them down.

I am not really sure how to react to this news. I guess I'm happy to see other Asians writing in the same genres I write in. Earlier, I use to feel out of place in the Fantasy genre because I didn't see people of my ethnic group writing Fantasy or Science Fiction. I really didn't see any person of color writing in these genres. Despite this, I continued because I had more passion to write Fantasy and Science Fiction than any other genre. Although I felt like an outsider, I was never concerned about that ever. Now that there are others writing in these genres, it validates that anyone is able to write Fantasy and Science Fiction regardless of ethnic group.

This also confirms how Fantasy shouldn't be limited, especially when it comes to-well, anything pretty soon. Not having to limit my creativity and my random mind is what makes Fantasy and Science Fiction my favourite genres to write in. Well, also Horror. 


  1. Any writer with an imagination and ability to look beyond reality can write speculative fiction. But good to know more want to do that now.

    1. Thank you for replying. Yes, I do agree and I'm glad I learned that. It can be nice to see more of these writers in this genre.


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