08 January, 2019

Living Doll Updates

After watching more videos on real life dolls, I finally found out which country started the living doll trend... It was Ukraine officially, but I do believe both Ukraine and Russia did start the living doll trend, even though people in East Asia were transforming themselves into dolls way before.

I spoke with a woman who works at an Anime Convention. She, like many others have shown an intrigue to know there is someone who is announcing to be a new living doll. Not just any living doll, but some have been considering me to be an extreme living doll. I know I've been getting questions regarding my living doll transformation.

The obvious answer is yes, I'm still pursuing my living doll transformation. It just takes a bit longer than I expected and I don't want to show any before transformation photos. I was viewing makeup tutorials from China which inspired me to experiment what I can accomplish with makeup alone. I will however still get plastic surgery. I've saw a plastic surgery video from South Korea, which tempted me to travel for my plastic surgery. If I'm getting plastic surgery, I do want the best and right now, the leaders of cosmetic surgery is Japan and South Korea. Of course though, I've already seen the dangers of getting plastic surgery in South Korea and this is the reason I've been debating. I know one red flag is many plastic surgery facilities in South Korea do not have an Anesthesiologist present during the actual procedure which I learned is not a good thing. I wonder is the risk worth it?

I've been extra cautious to maintain my porcelain skin. I don't spend lots of time out in the sun or I cover the skin the sun would touch outside. For me, getting a tan would be disastrous since the dolls I want to resemble don't have tans. I have also been trying to sacrifice in my diet in order to maintain a doll waist. Of course though, my waist can be smaller and I have been considering returning to wearing corsets. I know my waist is already small and some have became concerned with possible injury from wearing the corsets. Well, that's the reason why I took a break wearing them. One day, I noticed my stomach was hurting really bad. My mom told me to take the corset off and I did, but I felt that there was some sort of damage done by the corset and that's why I haven't worn it since. I think there was bruising to the organs, and although slowly, it did heal. However, I do wish to have a waist that matches a doll's waist. Not unrealistic goals, but I just think my waist can be smaller. My main goal is to make sure I can always wear Asian sized clothing, which is way smaller than U.S. sized clothing.

I like that I'm able to survive with little food and that's a great start for my diet. I'm willing to make sacrifices to get my desired results and to maintain it.

I've heard that if I become a living doll, I would be one of few of my kind who transformed themselves into real life dolls through plastic surgery and makeup. I'm unsure how true this is, but I am not too concerned with that. It's okay with me that there aren't many Turks who have went to these extremes to resemble a doll.

I love how dolls look. They're beautiful, but I also love how Anime girls look. I am unsure what I should do because I do love the Ellowyne Wilde doll, but I also love the Anime girl look. I am trying to find a way to combine it.

As I have stated before, I am not use to wearing makeup. So I need lots of practice, lots more than I thought. I now know I can't just automatically be a professional at applying Asian styled makeup. I have been inspired what makeup can do, and how it can make someone look like a doll if applied correctly. It would be even nicer if I became a living doll with minimum facial plastic surgery. This is why I've been learning about the Korean beauty products. However, somethings I cannot avoid plastic surgery. I still would like a few ribs removed to make sure I will have a dolly waist.

 I now know there are many who are fascinated in learning there is an new and upcoming real life doll. I'm getting there, steadily. I would be happy when I finally complete my dolly look. With my life changes and plastic surgery, I'm keeping my goals realistic and safe. It's not about looking unreal, I just would love to resemble a doll, as close as possible to a doll's face and body. When people see me, I want them to say, "She looks exactly like a doll." I want to look like a doll for my own happiness. That's what I want to see when looking into a mirror.

I will make sure to post more updates on my journey in transforming myself into a real life doll.

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