• Posted by : Tikaani Moon 04 January, 2019

    My bedroom along with myself will get a complete makeover and big transformation. I will be giving updates on my progress as usual.

    Years ago, I realized how dark my style was. My room has dark colors and no sunlight in it, it is black and red. During that time, I didn't like bright colors, but now I want to change my lifestyle and my whole theme and style. I have lots of Wolf decor in my bedroom, which I was told it doesn't fit with the Kawaii theme. Well, I do want Kawaii, but I'm trying to go for a different style and so the Wolf decor would still work in my bedroom.

    Since I am getting a complete makeover and transformation to become a Living Doll, my bedroom needs to fit my new lifestyle. I wanted a room to resemble a dollhouse. Then I have been drawn to the Moroccan and Bohemian theme. I just like lots of colors, but I learned the Kawaii is pastel colors and so I was told to stay within those shades. I still want to incorporate the Moroccan theme in my bedroom makeover. I want a fairytale, mystic type theme as well. This is the main theme I want.

    So, my family has been collecting furniture and other things that would help build up the theme I want.

    I was thinking I wasn't sure if I would like to actually be a Living Doll, but I do like the dolly look and everything about being a real life doll. I was just considering becoming more like a character. Of course, this is an original character I am creating that I will become. It is sort of Anime themed. I want to become a real life Tikaani Moon, the human version of Tikaani Moon, which I would like to create a doll for the Tikaani Moon character brand.

    So the theme I'm building for my bedroom and new lifestyle is fairytale, whimsical, cultural and Kawaii. My bedroom needs a lot of work, but my family is slowly getting it together, including cleaning out the clutter.

    I will make sure to give more updates on my progress.  

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    1. Good luck! That's cool your family is helping.
      My office is covered in movie posters, comic book stuff, and music stuff. Plus all my guitars. It's like a music and a movie studio collided.

      1. Thank you. Yes I do think it's nice for my family to help me with my new lifestyle. Wow, that's pretty cool to have a room like that. I also have sort of like a music room.


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