18 January, 2019

Skipping Facebook

Some were suggesting that I should reopen a Facebook account, which is something I wasn't interested in doing. Then my family said I also should do this, but a Facebook page, not a personal account being that I had security issues with having a personal Facebook account. Plus, Facebook I believe discriminated and profiled.

I agreed to set up a Facebook page, but when I relooked at Facebook, I saw the same problem I had with Facebook years ago continued. Actually it seems I am banned from opening any other account or page with Facebook. I wasn't interested in keeping my old account because I have become more maturer now that I am older and my author brand is more developed. Well, I am still developing it. However, Facebook said I was a security risk and to prove my identity. Due to the recent issues with the politics stuff, more flags were placed on my account. For some reason, Facebook kept the grudge against me for whatever reason.

I will not publish under my real name and I haven't been using my real name, and so even when I try doing business transactions, people don't know my real name and so I have to tell them my real name in order to know I am making a payment for their service. I will publish under Tikaani Moon, but Facebook is not allowing me to use my author name but no one will know who I am if I was to do this. I built my brand using my pen name and trademark. I kept giving Facebook my ID but they request for a passport, which is something I now have. There was that issue they falsely accused me of being an illegal immigrant. I am not, I'm not even an immigrant.

I didn't know what that would mean or how it would affect marketing to be absent on Facebook, but I cannot do anything about that if I was banned from using the site. When I kept trying to resolve the issue, Facebook threatened to deport me to Afghanistan, in which why would you deport an American citizen?

So I decided to leave it alone and to skip Facebook altogether. People are welcomed to share any of my stuff on Facebook, but just I will not have a presence there.

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