09 January, 2019

Some Things to Clear

I won't do another post like this because I know when you become established or even if you have an online presence and you get more of an audience, you are bound to get bad comments and harassment. I'm not gonna get into the back and forth crap that happened years ago that I later learned... You know what, I won't even acknowledge them on my blog. If people wish to troll me for years, wasting their time, go right ahead. However, because of specific comments made by these particular people, well, those online have been wondering this. I think it wasn't solely because of this incident, but due to the fact I was anonymous for years until the Facebook incident forced me to fill in information about me.

So again, the only reason people cannot find much information about me online on my other profiles is only because, again, I was planning on publishing anonymously. I didn't want my personal information online especially when I was so young on the internet. I started building up my author brand, which people know as my Tikaani Moon brand since the age of 13. So I was online at this age starting off as an aspiring writer. Despite this, Facebook didn't care about my concerns with the internet. I knew being a modern writer however, I did need an online presence.

One thing that some people like to think is that I am some fantasized image of my mom and that I'm something made up. People tends to think that I am not as young as I say I am, and actually someone much older is writing these posts and developing the Tikaani Moon brand. Well, if these people assume that, I'm not sure what to think. Should I be flattered that people would think I'm way older because of my writing? I didn't think my writing on my blog was that great because I do tend to make lots of errors due to me learning so many other languages. I tend to read lots of bad English or forget English rules, and so this is the result.

What I need to note is that, no I'm not older than what I say online. I am a real Millennial, and for years I was actually a teenager. I don't get anyone older to write these posts for me, especially my mom. I write these myself and no, I'm nothing my mom made up to live out her fantasies of being a writer and being a living doll. My mom hates writing and she has no interest in being a living doll herself, and so this is my thing that no one forced me to do.

I am in fact a real person and a real writer. The reason I don't have anything available for anyone is because I was again, improving my writing and my first Fantasy series was actually NOT publish ready. I keep explaining this to people but for some reason they seem to ignore what I am saying to them. Now though, I am ready for publication and will be a published author very soon. I'm currently searching for an agent and publisher.

The reason I haven't moved to Japan yet was mainly due to the issues the U.S. had with North Korea. I read Americans were being kidnapped from Japan who were North Korean spies, posing as Japanese natives. So this was a serious safety risk. That's not all though. I really wanted to know fluent Japanese first before moving to this country. I dislike dealing with language barriers and poor communication. I wanted to learn the laws and the etiquette to avoid making a fool out of myself in Japan. I do love Japan and the Japanese people and I do wish to move outside of the United States. I also haven't been sure recently if I really wanted to still move to Japan because I've been also interested in Germany. I have looked at the process of moving to Germany already.

So that's what I had to clear so people would not have these misconceptions about me anymore, although these trollers are not going to stop.  


  1. Some people have nothing better to do I guess.
    Even if you're not a hundred percent with the language, trust me, you'll pick it up once you are immersed in it. When I lived in Japan, I spoke Japanese better than I did English.

    1. I guess not. Thank you. Wow, that's cool you lived in Japan before.


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