19 January, 2019

Some Updates

I wanted to share a few updates. The first update I wanted to share was college, enrolling in college, again. I have now decided which major I wanted to go for.... Web Development. Yes, like HTML, CSS, coding, Website Design and yes, it's lot of math courses to this major. I didn't go choose Creative Writing because to be honest, I don't agree with a lot of the stuff that is taught by the experts. This also goes into my next update...

So because of this same reason, I decided to self-publish. I know the stereotypes about self-published books. You know, most of them have lots of errors and they aren't properly developed and edited, but just because my book is being self published, don't think this will be the case for my book. No, I continue proofreading and editing to make sure there are no errors and that it is properly formatted.

Why did I choose self publish after all this talk of traditional publishing? Well, I watched a few videos, particularly this video: Book Publishing Companies: How to Choose a Publishing Company which I did find extremely insightful. I did read about the issues with contracts and having say over your projects before, but this video in particular brought it back to my head again. I read how publishers seem to want to focus more on what's trending and popular and they dislike if writers wish to explore outside of mainstream, existing bestsellers. They're not trying to be a trend starter, but a trend follower. If you've been reading my blogs, you know that I am not a follower and my WIPs were not created to follow trends, but I wrote what I was passionate about. Plus, I write to be a trend starter, not a trend follower.

I do know what is trending now, and Romance is trending, but I am not interested in selling out from my own views and how I would want my book to be to please these big publishers. I'm not a sell out, never would I be neither. So, my first book-Well, actually my books are not Romance nor are there any Romance themes in them. I feel just because there's a boy and a girl that doesn't mean they have to kiss and make out; that doesn't mean they have to fall in love with each other. I do have a male and female working together during the Fantasy series adventures, but they are nothing more than just like coworkers and I feel it is inappropriate for coworkers to allow emotions and things of that sort to come in between doing business. It's a distraction which draws it away from the plot and/or what's important.

Even from my fashion choices, you know that I am not a mainstream, trend follower. If you know the Lolita and Kawaii or Living Doll community already, you know that this is not mainstream nor is it popular. In fact, there's more criticism about this lifestyle than there is positive comments.

So anyway, I dislike too comparing my books to existing works because it would insinuate I copied or got the whole idea from a book that is already out there. My answer is, no, I do not get my ideas from others nor do I get influenced by other writers and their works. All of these projects rather book, script, game or manga, they are all from my own mind. I saw how the big publishers like that you obsessively compare yourself to other writers and books, but also to imitate things that has been done and not to explore things the world hasn't seen yet. To stay within the safe box and to not explore or use too much creativity, but to recycle existing ideas and concepts. This is something I will never do. I have ideas that is original. The world needs something new, something fresh and something people never saw before and this is what I strive for in all of my entertainment projects.

So, this is the reason why I decided to publish through Amazon's publishing service. I am getting a design done for the book cover. I may post a cover reveal on the blog. I found someone, the same guy from Indonesia who designed my blog header and he agreed to design my book cover. I didn't want my cover to look generic and poorly made and so this is why I chose this person to design my cover because he is an awesome artist.

So, I wanted to give a bit more details about the genre and elements of my first Fantasy book, which is book one to a six book series. The category is a Fantasy, Action/Adventure series, with epic adventure and some thriller and suspense because there is constant danger and struggle. This book is a winter, arctic themed series that has dragons, witches, a wizard, vampires, werewolves, domovoys, demons, castles and lots of mystic and wonder. I used the Native American culture as a main theme, but there's also Canadian, American, Japanese, Indian (South Asian), Russian and French culture.

This book I believe revolutionizes female characters and female villains. There's only one type of female villain I like, and that is someone who is competent, powerful and is focused about what she wants. I personally dislike how most experts tell you to develop female characters. Either overly aggressive (the rude, blunt, nagging, trouble-making, smart mouth wench) or overly passive (weak emotionally or physically, a damsel in distress), but there's no good balance to their characters compared to male characters. I personally dislike the seductive type female villain because I feel that is their whole theme, being sexy and practically naked, wearing revealing clothes and always showing how sexy they are in a quite slutty way. This is not my ideal female villain, heroine or female character altogether. I developed my female characters based upon my own upbringing of my mom teaching me to be independent, self reliant, but also have self-dignity. You can be strong and beautiful at the same time.

So, these are just my views and how I wrote my projects. People are entitled to their views and they have a right to write however they wish.

Anyway, for my enrollment for Web Development, it is a Bachelor's degree. I chose this due to my blog and also the new e-Commerce business my mom and I are starting together. I have taken courses for certificates, but I would like to have a degree in this and advance my education on html and css. When it comes to coding, I dislike being solely depended upon others and so this is why I invested the time to learn how to do this myself.

I will make sure to give lots more updates and fill in details about the book and other updates when I can... 

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