22 January, 2019

Universal Criticism

One of many of the reasons why I hesitated being a Living Doll was the severe criticism it received from the church. I did know years ago that Christians condemned anything related to Kawaii stuff and Lolita fashion.

I titled this Universal Criticism because I have noticed both the media and the church has equally criticized the Kawaii society. I continue to comment on these bad comments about this society because obviously people misunderstand, but they're not trying to understand neither.

The answer to someone's question is yes, I have worn my Kawaii clothes and Lolita dresses to church before. This was years ago because I don't go to church anymore. I am still a religious person, but I didn't like the problems I had when attending church. Well, when I wore my Lolita clothes, people would give me mean looks, but I get this wherever I wear these sort of clothes. I then learned the church condemns it. I was curious as to why, and I ran across an article which said because Lolita is an alternative style, it could lead to paganism? Also, the Christian community is angry that Catholic and Christian art is used for Lolita, which I don't see anything wrong with it at all. As a religious person myself, I was actually glad to see Lolita brands using artwork from parts of my religion. It also said Christians are only suppose to follow mainstream fashion. This made me believe because Lolita fashion is not mainstream, the church feels threatened by it because this style is not trending, and it's considered alternative fashion.

There were other comments which made me annoyed how the Christian community tried to make the Kawaii society about race and religion, when it isn't. Wearing Japanese fashion has never enticed people to convert to different religions. Again, this society has nothing to do with race or religion. It promotes a multiculturalism. It teaches, regardless of your race, skin colour or religion, anyone from any country is welcomed to wear Lolita, Kawaii clothes and even become a Living Doll.

People who just like wearing Lolita is not the same as being a Living Doll. Often times people assume they're all the same, but they're not. So, there is more condemnation for those like myself who pursue a lifestyle in being a real life doll. I mentioned this to bring awareness to these comments and to help people better understand. Everyone who becomes a part of this society are welcomed to bring their own style, but it depends upon the individual as to how they build their theme and conduct themselves.

Mainly however, being a Kawaii girl is nothing bad. In fact, there are rules, and it promotes innocent child-like thinking, to be kind and it promotes people to always be optimistic. I find nothing wrong with this fashion, especially when most of the Lolita dresses never shows any skin that would deem it inappropriate. There is also nothing wrong with Gothic fashion, a fashion that is often condemned. However, Goth or Pastel Goth fashion is not evil.

I also recently read a ridiculous news article from NPR, stating of a cuteness overload. People such as the Kawaii women who obsess in cute things and surround themselves with cuteness are prone to violent urges. I find these "expert" statements incorrect. I also take offense to that comment since I am building a Kawaii collection. I may like cute things, but never have I had thoughts to harm the cute creatures in Kawaii decor. Never have I wanted to harm animals. If anything, I have been protective of things I see are innocent and defenseless like animals from people who would harm them.

No matter what anyone says, I'm never giving up my new style. I've gotten hooked on the pursuit to become a Living Doll, no one can convince me to give it up. It's too beautiful.

I hope to make more posts about this topic in order to help society better understand. 

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