28 January, 2019

Final Preparations on Polar Qimuktis

Unfortunately, the book is not available yet because I'm still making final preparations needed to be made first. I decided to reread the entire book again, and I'm glad I did because my family and I were able to catch a few grammatical errors that was missed the other few times I reread it.

So, my family and I are still at chapter 1, but I know it's gonna go fast due to the errors are minimal. I just have to make sure the formatting is right.

I am still working on the book cover. I'm still at the stage where I'm giving descriptions of my vision of the cover design. This book is filled with exciting adventure and I need a cover that captures going off on an adventure, Arctic style. This is where I'm at with the cover art and the book itself.

Fortunately, these are the final preparations needed to be made. I am just polishing it and making sure there's no errors. With the help of my family of course. This book will be available soon this year in 2019. No more will there be another year passing by that I have to say, one of these days I'll publish. I know I've been getting questions about my book, and I have to say to hang tight. It won't be long now, but still, there are first preparations that needs to be made. Just because it is self-publish, that doesn't mean I should reduce my hard wok in half. In order to be taken seriously, I do know I must put forth the effort and give it my all.

The reason I chose to not hire an editor was due to the previous suggestions to my book that I didn't agree with. First, I was advised to remove the parts about Canada because the experts feel my book should be an all American book. No, I'm not going to do that because my book and all of my projects are multicultural. I want to keep it that way and this is what I'll be most known for as having multicultural stories with a blend of diverse characters, languages and countries in one story.

I am rechecking the research as well, in which so far, it is correct. After polishing, formatting and the book cover, I will be ready to make the book available. It has been a pleasure and a lot of uphill battles trying to write this very book, my Fantasy book. I put my heart and soul into this and I can't afford for anyone to hinder my potential success which was why I bypassed all of that unnecessary hassle and decided to self-publish. I've read of successful self-published book and even some that were picked up by unique traditional publishers.

Thinking of this book alone, I can think about the struggles I had trying to improve my writing and improve the book to a publish worthy piece. I love writing and it would be nice to turn my passion into an official career. Well, I have, it's just the difference is that I am not yet published, but yet. I will be published this year guarantee. What to expect is to discover something completely different, something new and fresh. Because I am coming into this industry unconventional, I write new out of the box stuff that I hope my hard work will show in every WIP.

I will give more updates soon, especially I will make sure to share when the book is finally available. 


  1. Remove Canada? Why? That's a whole market for the book.
    I will give you one tip after multiple books published. Promote it several months before its release. Once you have the cover, get it out there. Once it's edited and formatted, get some reviews first. The more you can do before the book's release, the better.

    1. Actually both editors and agents wanted me to change the book that it's in Canada and I use Canadians. They didn't want me to write a diverse book neither. Yes, since Canada is an important target audience.

      Thank you for your advice. I will make sure to do promote it early.


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