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  • It's been hard thinking of something to post because I, well, perhaps it is a lack of motivation. Not to worry, I am not giving up blogging. I just know it is a commitment you must be committed to and I will continue to post and I won't let it not get updated regularly.

    I've been trying to keep my depression a secret, but it's been difficult since nothing's gotten better. Writing has been my source of therapy, but I have been struggling to continue. It can seem weird now that I am finally publishing, but I always wonder am I doing the right thing. If this is the right career for me. I have thought of giving up writing altogether, but I know it would be strange since I'm so close to getting what I worked so hard for. I've always struggled with this for years. It has been really hard to post the recent stuff I did post due to my depression.

    I know calling myself a new Living Doll and a Kawaii Person, I am suppose to be seen as always happy and optimistic, but I have struggled with this as well. I can't fake it anymore. I have more bad days than the average person, but I try to deal with my struggles each day.

    So, you may notice less frequent posts, but I will make sure to keep all three blogs active. I will continue to share updates and stuff like that, especially now that I will publish my book. My issue with depression is the reason why the posting have been inconsistent due to my very bad days.

    I may feel better later on though...

    Not Sure How To Title This...

  • I have been busy lately with my several projects and work outside of my writing career. Plus, enrolling in college. I have been doing more research on the major I want to make sure it does cover web design, but I believe I did pick the right one. I have also been continuing my journey to studying different languages, mainly Russian. Well, I already can speak Russian, I just wanted to learn the grammar and learn how to automatically read more words. I would like to get back to learning Japanese because I do believe it has to be the easier language to learn for pronunciation, but not so much for remembering the characters and what they mean.

    Lately, I've been working on one of my very first Fantasy books, you know, the one ready for publication now. Just one issue I need to fix regarding the chapters, and I think that would be it. I did get a cover design done recently, but I am not satisfied with the finished product. This is why I will hire someone else to redesign my cover. This is not the actual cover, but here is something where I'm going with the cover design, but I wasn't too satisfied with the finish...

    Many on this site assumed only because the main focus are the sled dogs that it is a children's kiddie book, but it is not. No, it isn't an adult book but sled dogs have been upgraded in this story to reach teen and young adult, an older audience. However, it is a good read for all ages. I just can't have any cover that is kiddie. 

    I have also been working on two separate series, one is another Fantasy series, the other is a Science Fiction series. I collaborated with my family on the title for the Science Fiction series and now like some of my newest projects, I now have titles for them. I am building the worlds of the different planets and developing the new alien races. I am obsessing over creating a truly fascinating world. This book I believe was influenced by my recently discovered family's adoptive background, and also the media. The main character from the Science Fiction series is a Russian American, born in Russia but raised by an American family. It does also discuss, I don't like using the term "Mental Illness" after working in the healthcare field for a few years and finding out this industry's schemes. Mental Illness technically doesn't exist, but it was just something that was created by the healthcare industry. I do discuss this in this series because the main character develops issues with self harm and the issues with stigmatization the healthcare professionals and society places on people who don't need anything but someone to talk to and to understand them.  

    Anyway, the other Fantasy series takes place in New Zealand because I dislike using the same countries, cultures and ethnic groups for my WIPs. This is more of a whimsical wanderlust type series sort of typical in what you'll find in British Fantasy stories. There are main characters from different backgrounds, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Georgia (country) and the United States. I found an older document of this book in my email and I wanted to use the original world-building and story development. All I'm doing is rewriting it from the older version which was actually when I first started writing years ago in my teen years. 

    The other updates, I have been purchasing gadgets to start my Youtube channel. The channel will feature my bedroom which is why I am transforming it. Also, so my room can fit my new lifestyle as a new Real Life Doll or Real Life Tikaani Moon. The channel will mainly be related to my writing, ancestry stuff, work and my Living Doll lifestyle. I may later on share makeup reviews and tutorials but this is much, much later on because I am still novice regarding makeup. I never wore makeup until now. 

    I will make sure to give more updates, especially share the hopefully better cover design.

    New Updates

  • I would like to further give some insights on the book I will publish first. This is especially when I have gotten questions and those who were anticipating the moment it would be available. I remember getting some interested from the Columbia Heights Police Department and I will make sure to hand out a few copies there. I know a few cops who have been wanting to read my book and I feel I should at least give only a few copies to those who were first interested. I want to thank the police departments who continued their enthusiasm about the book and I guarantee no one would be disappointed from the wait.

    What to Expect

    Now that I can share a bit more details, what to expect is something completely new and fresh. For years, I have carefully planned this out and build interesting worlds that is Arctic based. The entire book series brings you to a wintry, Arctic epic adventure. The genre what I said before is Fantasy, Action/Adventure with some Dark Fantasy and Horror elements. There is lots of action and adventure, suspense and danger, but there is a balance of awestruck wonder and some calm scenes, but not all are calm. There are Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, Demons, Dragons, Ghouls, Castles, Werewolves and... sled dogs! I always loved sled dogs and the whole sled dog community and I wanted to upgrade sled dogs to a whole different level. With this book, I believe I have achieved that. I am glad I waited and took the time to develop it into a cohesive and a well detailed and planned out story and world. There's lots of interesting characters, villains and even talking animals. I based a lot of this series upon the Native American culture and folktales. In doing this, I hope to bring awareness to the Native American languages and cultures. To show the world how beautiful Native American names and the culture is. I have always been fascinated by the Native American culture and I wanted a series that I can give back in bringing some awareness to these people who are invisible to the world. There's lots of spiritual elements which connects it to the spiritual Native theme. Not only that, but I have a diverse blend of different countries, languages and cultures used for this book. I dislike having one race or culture dominate my projects, not allowing others to finally have their chance to shine.

    The Ideal Readers

    Who did I aim to reach with my book? Well, the main reason I didn't agree with what the writing experts told me was that they advised to only write about trending topics. To recycle old concepts and ideas, but don't experiment with anything new. So I learned the rules through the years, but then I broke free and wrote what I felt spiritually connected to. I guess I can call it that. First, I wrote what I could proudly stand behind. 

    This read is for those who loves the Arctic, wintry setting and who loves sled dogs. It is for Fantasy lovers who are looking for something out of the box, something that is new and fresh, that hasn't been seen yet. I was raised to create original pieces that hasn't been done yet regardless of what is trending. To become a trend starter. My lone wolf mentality sort of induced this. I wanted something for the sled dog community and something great for the Native American race. Having been raised to know the Native American culture through the woman who adopted my mother, this was my way of giving back to the people who took my family in. 

    I never mentioned this before, but I do have characters who are into performing arts, classical music and opera singing. I was hoping to bring awareness to performing arts and classical music. I have always appreciated this music, but I noticed a decline in these things. I am not really sure how it came about to add performing arts in this book, but looking back, I guess it was always in this story. I think. 

    Some parts of the story takes place in the Yukon, Dawson City, Canada and some in Dellwood and North Oaks, Minnesota. I only used Minnesota because years ago during my early stages of writing, I noticed Minnesota was an often overlooked State in the country and the people here were always stereotyped. We are still stereotyped by those outside of Minnesota which was why I wanted to show a different side to Minnesota. The performing arts and more of the upper class community, the communities no one mentions. Minnesota is always shown as nothing more than just a frozen wasteland that no one wants to live in, but this State is a lot more than that. I also feel Canadians, especially the Yukon is an area most outsiders don't understand. 

    I have lots about the French people and culture. In fact, there are a few characters who migrated from France to the United States. I never noticed this until recently, but in many American entertainment, there's lots of comments that are all about taking jabs and stereotyping French people and Canadians. This wasn't the reason why I chose to add French characters and the French culture, but I felt this was my chance to have a story that shows an appreciation for France and Canada and the people who originate from these countries. 

    Who Is Tikaani Moon

    I know I've been getting people curious about the person behind Tikaani Moon. For years I did keep my identity a secret but now I am a little willing to share a bit more about myself. If people follow this blog, you would be able to read updates I share. 

    You can consider me to be a college student because I am still furthering my education outside of healthcare. I spent most of earlier years in the healthcare and history major, but I am currently enrolled for a Bachelor's in Web Development. I read of many writers who began their writing careers later, I decided to begin my career as early as possible even when I am still young. I feel that I am ready to officially begin my career in being a published writer. They always say writers are introverted and indeed this is true for I am a lone Wolf. I don't participate in social activities even as a college student. I invest all my energy in planning my future, expanding my education and establishing myself. I was inspired by the few 20 year olds who decided to get a head start on their careers, education and success, which motivated me to do the same after being encouraged by my mom first. 

    The other important thing to know about me is that I will always be known as the Living Doll because that is who I am. I will soon start showing pictures of myself and I will always be in my Living Doll gear, in Lolita, Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth and Historical dresses. I am building my Living Doll style around my Tikaani Moon character brand. I really love the Lolita fashion, but I also love the Fantasy, fairy-tale and wanderlust theme. I guess people can consider me a quite unconventional and different writer because of my pursuits in transforming myself to have more porcelain doll features. I love Japanese fashion the most. So much that I started wearing Lolita and the other fashions every single day. Becoming a Living Doll gave me an interest in Japanese fashion, the Japanese language, J-pop and the country Japan. 

    And in conclusion...

    I will make sure to give more details to fill others in about the new book series and other projects I am working on, for I have several other books, but also games and manga I am currently working to get finished. 

    I have to thank the humans who shown an interest. Surprisingly, now I have been getting many from Finland who have been curious. I then learned Finland is a country that loves sled dogs which now makes sense to me.  

    I will give more updates soon...

    New Insights on a Soon to be Available Read

  • It's time for another IWSG post. If you would like to learn more about it, please visit here...

    Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

    I have many other creative outlets outside of writing. First, I do wish to include my creative outlets are from different writing forms such as manga and scripts either I will write for screenplay or film. 

    Outside of writing, I am starting a career of becoming a game creator. I have created about 10 games so far. Over the years through my gaming, I just had a few ideas for new games which was why I decided to develop them. I also have started a concept for a new game console years ago. I at first thought it was a silly idea and there's no way my console would go anywhere. That was when I got encouragement to develop the console and so I am continuing this journey to do this. 

    I live in a creative way, for my life is creative as a Fashion Designer and Living Doll. I am starting a journey to transforming myself into a Real Life Doll, mainly the Human Anime type version of Tikaani Moon. I am creating a doll version of Tikaani Moon which is an Anime type doll. As a Fashion Designer, I have designed clothes but it wasn't until recently did I get a suggestion from my family to pursue a career in becoming an official Fashion Designer. No, I didn't need official training in order to design clothes because I had a natural creative talent in designing these things. However, my designs fits the Kawaii, Lolita and Living Doll circle which was why I decided to use it for my new Living Doll life. I invite people to read updates about my transformation journey. Becoming a Living Doll to me is a fun way to be creative and to live creatively because you get to wear beautiful clothes everyday, wear unique hair colors and makeup. A Living Doll is basically a person who wants to resemble a doll and have real life features of one as well. I love my new lifestyle. Even more so when I found creative ways to make it out of a profitable career.

    These are my other creative outlets, in which I have plenty outside of writing. 

    IWSG: February 6 2019

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