06 February, 2019

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Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

I have many other creative outlets outside of writing. First, I do wish to include my creative outlets are from different writing forms such as manga and scripts either I will write for screenplay or film. 

Outside of writing, I am starting a career of becoming a game creator. I have created about 10 games so far. Over the years through my gaming, I just had a few ideas for new games which was why I decided to develop them. I also have started a concept for a new game console years ago. I at first thought it was a silly idea and there's no way my console would go anywhere. That was when I got encouragement to develop the console and so I am continuing this journey to do this. 

I live in a creative way, for my life is creative as a Fashion Designer and Living Doll. I am starting a journey to transforming myself into a Real Life Doll, mainly the Human Anime type version of Tikaani Moon. I am creating a doll version of Tikaani Moon which is an Anime type doll. As a Fashion Designer, I have designed clothes but it wasn't until recently did I get a suggestion from my family to pursue a career in becoming an official Fashion Designer. No, I didn't need official training in order to design clothes because I had a natural creative talent in designing these things. However, my designs fits the Kawaii, Lolita and Living Doll circle which was why I decided to use it for my new Living Doll life. I invite people to read updates about my transformation journey. Becoming a Living Doll to me is a fun way to be creative and to live creatively because you get to wear beautiful clothes everyday, wear unique hair colors and makeup. A Living Doll is basically a person who wants to resemble a doll and have real life features of one as well. I love my new lifestyle. Even more so when I found creative ways to make it out of a profitable career.

These are my other creative outlets, in which I have plenty outside of writing. 


  1. If you're already creating the clothes and you love it, that sounds like just the career for you.

  2. It sounds like a really interesting journey. I wish you well on it. :)


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