23 February, 2019

Not Sure How To Title This...

It's been hard thinking of something to post because I, well, perhaps it is a lack of motivation. Not to worry, I am not giving up blogging. I just know it is a commitment you must be committed to and I will continue to post and I won't let it not get updated regularly.

I've been trying to keep my depression a secret, but it's been difficult since nothing's gotten better. Writing has been my source of therapy, but I have been struggling to continue. It can seem weird now that I am finally publishing, but I always wonder am I doing the right thing. If this is the right career for me. I have thought of giving up writing altogether, but I know it would be strange since I'm so close to getting what I worked so hard for. I've always struggled with this for years. It has been really hard to post the recent stuff I did post due to my depression.

I know calling myself a new Living Doll and a Kawaii Person, I am suppose to be seen as always happy and optimistic, but I have struggled with this as well. I can't fake it anymore. I have more bad days than the average person, but I try to deal with my struggles each day.

So, you may notice less frequent posts, but I will make sure to keep all three blogs active. I will continue to share updates and stuff like that, especially now that I will publish my book. My issue with depression is the reason why the posting have been inconsistent due to my very bad days.

I may feel better later on though...

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