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  • I never realized how hard it is owning more than one dog, now I do. My sister wanted another dog and so my family has been looking for puppies for sale recently. Please note, we now have a puppy, I am simply sharing the story of searching for a puppy. I didn't realize neither how hard it is finding a dog for a reasonable price. It gets even harder when searching for a specific breed. My sister wanted a Japanese Chin or any breed that originated from East Asia because she loves everything related to East Asia.

    I know how people lecture others on adopting a dog instead of purchasing from a breeder. However, the animal shelters do not make it easy for people to adopt animals. Again, I will mention the irrelevant questions on the applications like how long have you lived in your house, your work address and phone number, who are all in the household with full names, gender and age, among other questions I feel has nothing to do with adopting an animal. Most of the dogs were about 2 years old or older and never was potty trained, which is way too old to teach a dog this. Plus, they must get a house visit before they determine if they should give you the dog or not. I feel the animal shelters are way too uppity and their system turns off people from adopting animals. Well, it certainly turned me away from adopting.

    I highly recommend "Four Paws and a Tail" pet store which is located in Blaine, Minnesota in the North Town Mall because this is where we purchased both of our puppies from. It was quick and convenient. This is the reason why I prefer to buy my dogs here or either from another pet store or breeder to eliminate the unnecessary headache animal shelters put you through in order to adopt a dog.

    There is another huge factor and that is best to buy a puppy with a clean slate without any bad experiences. I remember my family adopted a Jack Russell Terrier from an abusive home. He aggressively attacked my mom the very first night he was brought home, and he ended up having severe aggressive issues to the point he needed to be put down, which is another reason I didn't know about adopting dogs. My family also had bad experiences when the dogs are raised around their parents, siblings and the breeder or person selling a dog. Due to this practice, in which the breeder assumes it is socializing the dogs, but it is getting them too attached to their environment, parents and siblings. I remember purchasing dogs like this and ended up having to give them back because they never adjusted to their new home and new family. In fact, I remember one in particular named Wolf, he never liked our family and wanted to return back home. So I believe the pet store environment gives them no chance to bond with the breeder and their family, so they will easily move into their new home. This is why I recommend Four Paws and a Tail.

    So, here is the story...

    We set up the cage to go to Four Paws and a Tail. After having such a hard time purchasing a dog, we decided to go back to this place.

    We got the puppy from the mall and had to immediately be washed after pooping in the cage. This is one of the first pictures taken of the puppy. He is a Cairn Terrier and if you don't know this, this is the very same dog breed used in Wizard of Oz known as Toto. My sister wanted him to have a Japanese name in honor to the Anime she watches and her love for Japanese culture. She originally picked the name Tomoaki but everyone else had a hard time pronouncing it, all but me because I am studying Japanese and learned Japanese words and names are easy to pronounce. However, we found a shorter and easier name and that's Tomo. So his name is Tomo which is still a Japanese name and it sounds similar to Toto.

    Due to having a new puppy, it is a lot like having a newborn baby. Tomo didn't whine as much at first, but now he whines quite a bit. My family hasn't been able to get much sleep with him around. I haven't been able to get any writing done at all because by time he's sleep, I am too tired to do anything else but go to sleep myself. It's best to take a nap whenever he's sleep or you'll miss the chance to get rest. I want to get back into releasing my book, Polar Qimuktis but it's hard to squeeze in time for writing.

    It can be hard taking care of more than one dog in the house. The first day is good, but when their personality comes in, which is in a few days or a week, most of that excitement of getting a puppy vanishes. They're cute online, but you must factor in it's a big responsibility. I usually stay up at night writing, but now my family is caring for Tomo. He adjusted well into his new home and adjusted to us quickly.

    I will give a review on owning these dogs. First, I noticed Tomo behaves a lot like our current dog, Scotty. Both dogs are watching television which I think getting the channel, DogTV is a good way in training your dog to watch tv.

    Scotty is a Morke which is a designer dog, Maltese + Yorkie mix and he also was purchased from Four Paws and a Tail pet store in the mall. He is now 2 years old, but I remember his first day.

    Scotty was a baby and I will always see him as a baby. We had just lost our dog, Tangie and it was hard to get another puppy then. We just decided one day to get one from the mall. It was an emotional day because we weren't over the loss of our previous dog who was a Yorkie. Scotty was mischievous just as Tomo is now and he loved to play bite which brings me to the topic...

    It is best to start early on grooming and preventing food aggression. Also I did learn it's good to not allow a puppy to bite you, in which Scotty and Tomo did as puppies. If not, they won't grow out of it and might bite you too hard, breaking skin which it becomes less playful to the person. People often make the mistake of thinking puppy bites are harmless and cute and never teach the dog not to bite. I learned it's best to gently redirect the puppy into biting on toys and bones instead of on you. Tomo wasn't doing anything the first couple of days, but now his personality came out. He loves to run around, explore and play. Yes, as I read about the Cairn Terrier, he has the potential to dig and that's a big no-no since my family has a garden.

    Cairn Terriers are known to being feisty and hard to train. This is true. I do believe the Cairn Terrier is a difficult dog breed to train and it is a breed only for experienced dog owners who has dealt with stubborn and difficult dog breeds. Like what I read how hard it is to potty train them, this is true. Tomo refuses to be potty trained, in which smaller breeds are able to be pad trained like Scotty is. Tomo is not yet, but I am training him. He's an adventurous exploring puppy who loves to get into everything and bite on everything in sight. He never chewed up anything because I don't give him the chance.

    Our experience of owning a Morkie is that I noticed how stubborn Scotty can be. He is a good dog though and perhaps would recommend it to inexperienced dog owners. I noticed the Morkie behaves a lot like Jack Russell Terriers. He has a personality that reminds us of our previous dogs. The Morkie has a sensitive stomach just as the Yorkie. He's very playful and intelligent and would make a good guard alert dog and companion.

    He hasn't been eating his puppy food, but my family does not believe in starving the dog until they do. Puppies are like babies and cannot go without eating in 24 hours. We don't put our dogs on a schedule because my family believes it is not necessary to. Our dogs get 24/7 access to water and food due to them having access to the bathroom all the time as well.

    Scotty avoids Tomo which is a good thing. It's better than what my family expected because we thought he would attack him. We found out he is unsure and I do know a nervous or scared dog is unpredictable. So we make sure they keep their distance until they warm up to each other. Introducing a new dog to the current dog can take time and needs to be handled with caution and patience. You must make sure it's in a controlled environment when getting them to meet. Do it slow so nothing bad would happen. Like we always have Tomo on a leash and since Scotty poses no threat to Tomo, we do not leash him but still caution the time they look and are near each other. Tomo is on a leash so we can always snatch him up just in case. Scotty is nervous around Tomo which was why we allowed both of them to have their own space until they are friends. No, I don't believe in the "expert" advice in getting a male and female dog in order for the dogs to get along. My family had to do what was best for our house and getting two males were to avoid being stuck with a bunch of puppies. No, we also don't believe in neutering our dogs and this I noticed has prevented our dogs from having the humping behavioral problem, versus one of our previous dogs who were neutered and developed this problem.

    Having more than one dog means double the clean up and double shedding. We are trying to get Tomo use to grooming because he is a dog breed that requires fur trimming again to prevent aggression later. It is really good to stop behavioral issues and getting them familiar with things early on.

    So anyway, I hope Tomo and Scotty gets along soon. Due to our new puppy, I haven't had enough time to post or write, but I'll make sure to keep three of the blogs active. I will post more pet updates as well.

    Pet Updates

  • Recently, I went out wearing my new Kawaii clothes. I just got a thought about wearing these sort of clothes I wanted to share in order to help people better understand this society. Here is what I wore:

    Both came from Japan! And as I wore this outside, I began to feel more confident, in which for me, this is what Kawaii fashion elicits. Yeah, I was the only one in public with these sort of clothes, colorful makeup and purple bunny ears and the key to wearing these clothes is that you cannot care about that. You have to have a nonchalant attitude when not seeing others wearing Lolita or Kawaii fashion. I however discovered a revelation that many don't realize about these clothes and accessories. It creates a positive environment. It allows you to have fun with life and with the day, to be more self confident, to be yourself and to be happy. Yes, I did feel the clothes induced me to develop a positive reaction. It creates a unique upbeat, bubbly attitude and because you are wearing the clothes, it makes you want to behave in order to fit this style and that's positiveness, happiness, kindness and free spirit. It creates a person who wishes to think innocently as well.

    Wearing Kawaii fashion does require lots of practice and a few hours to prepare. Being that I needed to go somewhere in the morning, I needed to get ready 3 hours earlier in order to pick out the outfit, wig, makeup, accessories and to put it on right. I want to become a Living Doll, which means this requires extra precision in order to look closeness to dolls. If you look closely, dolls are well put together and you must also be well put together. This is why it takes longer to get ready. I realized I would need to prepare hours before I head out anywhere.

    Picking the outfit alone can take a while if you have different ranges of choices to choose from. I am still building my fashion and accessory collection, but what I have now is quite a lot. It can hardly fit in my bedroom, which requires that I organize my room a bit more. This is coming with the entire bedroom makeover I will make sure to give updates on. I may give a room tour soon as well, but not now because it's not ready yet. Far as for the clothes, I would prefer to start making my own designs I sketched a while back.

    Again, if you live in a country where people don't dress like this, it can sort of make someone feel a bit weird to see you're the only person in public wearing it. However, again, I realized that isn't my concern and I should be free to wear whatever I wish regardless of what others think or how they stare. I was glad yesterday wasn't bad at all, not as it use to be. I remember a few years ago, people stared and made bad comments and questioning me to show their disapproval. Yesterday was different. Not that it mattered. It doesn't matter how people stare or what people say, I will continue to pursue a journey in transforming myself into a Human Doll because dolls are beautiful.

    Anyway, the point to this post was sharing how I believe Kawaii clothes elicits positivity in which for some reason my computer thinks isn't a word. It promotes optimism for this is what I felt; I felt more confident and feeling not to take life too serious and to not be so intense. It helped cure my depression which made me realize I need to return wearing these clothes everyday. I started wearing cultural clothes, but I must switch back although I really love the Kameez and Sarees. Indian clothing will always be beautiful to me.

    So, I wanted to give everyone a different perspective on the Kawaii world and Living Doll society. Becoming a Human Doll isn't bad at all. It helps you be the best you can be and to be more confident in your own skin. I am not sure why the media and religious groups attacks and criticizes it so much, but I wish to bring more awareness to the true meaning of being a Living Doll, Lolita and Kawaii fashion.

    Wearing Kawaii Clothes

  • I wanted to give an update on Facebook. I know I did a recent post about how I tried to get my account back, but even after a few years, Facebook gave me trouble to recover my account. Well yeah that did happen which was why I didn't want to have any presence on Facebook, but my mom, being an expert on marketing advised me to at least have a presence there since it seems beneficial to have an author page. Reluctantly, I attempted to sign into my account again. After confirming my identity, I was allowed to get my account back, but my real name is on my account. I can only add my pen name as a nickname or other name, but no one really knows me online by my real name because originally I wanted to publish anonymously. Now I'm not.

    I have to fill out most of my profile since that were the terms if I had my account. So I am setting up my author page and personal account. Yes, I am now willing to share my face since that's the whole thing about being a Living Doll. Since I am combining my Living Doll lifestyle with my writing career, I will not make a separate blog or anything for either.

    After years of stating I am a real person, that was my real ID I provided and most importantly, I am not an illegal immigrant. I was hoping Facebook would remove the flag that I shouldn't be in the United States off my online presence. So for some reason, this has been removed and now I don't believe I'll have any other problems. However, I do stand behind the fact Facebook did racially profiled me and ruined my author brand when I wanted to publish anonymously.

    So, that's pretty much all I needed to share. Regarding my personal account, I don't really care about adding and will accept any friend request.

    UPDATES: I recently just got a couple of issues with Facebook users, one was regarding my mom's adoptive background and sharing my family's story of how inaccurate were our results on 23andMe. This is true and I stand behind my story because no, I'm not confused and later on, people will see my story is accurate.

    The other issue was the original issue before Facebook booted me off the site. I feel a lot of the users are racist and harassing, but I will try to keep this account only to have a Facebook presence as a writer. I would appreciate it though if people stopped targeting me and my family with their racism because I find it ridiculous since I haven't bothered anyone in this way and I am minding my own business. 

    Facebook Update

  • As I said I would share the cover reveal for the book Polar Qimuktis, here it is...

    I think it is a great improvement from the previous cover I wasn't happy with. I will only use the other one for promotional stuff, but not for the book cover. I showed this to my step-grandma's family and they are also impressed, some not even knowing I am a writer. Anyway, the designer is George Long and I would love to work with him in the future for other projects. I am very impressed by his work experience and thank him for his assistance in sharing his expertise on publishing since I am a first time writer.

    This was pretty much my envision. I needed something to represent the sled dog community and show sled dogs are a focal point to this story. However, that's not all for it is a Fantasy Adventure book. The feather is a Sioux prayer feather that was included to give a hint of the Native Sioux culture which also plays a key role in this book. This should show dogs going off to an adventure. I uploaded it on Instagram and it's receiving lots of likes from a diverse crowd. I am very glad that I have a range of diverse audience from all over the world because that is what I always strive for.

    Book Updates...

    I am currently still proofreading it to make sure there are no errors since I decided not to hire an editor because I am not willing to change anything in the book. This book throughout the years already has been through lots of drastic changes and so I'm not willing to change anything else. I am now satisfied in how the book is. I did not agree with the experts and their suggestions in not having a diverse book. My projects will always be diverse and I'm not changing that. 

    Publication will be soon; this month or either next month, but soon. 

    Cover Reveal for Polar Qimuktis

  • It is March 6, the first Wednesday of the month which means it is time for another post for IWSG. If you would like to know more about it, please visit this link:

    Whose perspective do you like to write from best, the hero (protagonist) or the villain (antagonist)? And why?

    This is a hard question because I have plenty of stories where I write in the hero and the villain's perspective. This question allows me to share my other projects I am working on. I like to tell it in the perspective which would be more interesting and this depends upon the project I am working on. 

    Sometimes, I find it more interesting to write a story based upon the villain's POV like for instance, my darkest POV would have to be a project I am currently writing that is something like an Epic Fantasy. The perspective is a demon with a human form. I did this because I like educating about the real side to demons and in this series, I share how real demons think. This book is in the Epic Fantasy, Horror genre. I feel it is interesting to allow the villain's agenda to sometimes be successful for a change. I write unpredictable stories because I believe in writing suspense filled stories that people cannot say they'll know what will happen next. I think sometimes writing in the perspective of the villain can allow me to have more of suspense. I think. 

    I just think is a hard question, although recently I have created WIPs that are not writing with the hero or the good guy's perspective. It can also be interesting to write in the hero's point of view if I feel the character is interesting. I try to pick based upon which perspective would be more exciting, adventurous and action filled. So it can be hard for me to answer this one because I have found it equally interesting to write in both perspectives.   

    IWSG: March 6, 2019

  • Since the first book cover design was unsuccessful, I hired someone else to design the cover for one of my first books, Polar Qimuktis. I am very impressed with the design so far and now I have to pick the style I want for the book. The artist designed 20 and I picked #17. I will show the cover reveal as soon as everything is finished.

    It's pretty much my envision of how I needed sled dogs to be the main star of the cover, but showing humans who see the cover to know this is not an ordinary sled dog book; it is Fantasy. There's a castle, forest and dragon in the far and I cannot wait to show everyone the cover.

    More Updates

    In other news... Well, I've been getting my whole Living Doll image together. I have been practicing the Japanese and Korean styled makeup and I believe I'm getting a bit better. I upload my progress on Instagram even though they're probably not worth sharing. I mostly play around with styles which would best suit my face. So far, I liked a Gyaru style that applies both black eyeliner and glittery eyeliner together. That's not all because as an extreme Living Doll, I will get plastic surgery to enhance my dolly appearance. 

    I will create an original character for my Living Doll life and that would be the Tikaani Moon character. It turned more into an Anime themed character because Tikaani Moon's human version is Anime and the doll I will create will have an Anime look. Yes, I will be creating a doll version of Tikaani Moon. The theme I'm going with my whole Living Doll career is fairy-tale wanderlust.

    In conclusion, I will be sharing more updates soon.

    Cover Updates

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