14 March, 2019

Cover Reveal for Polar Qimuktis

As I said I would share the cover reveal for the book Polar Qimuktis, here it is...

I think it is a great improvement from the previous cover I wasn't happy with. I will only use the other one for promotional stuff, but not for the book cover. I showed this to my step-grandma's family and they are also impressed, some not even knowing I am a writer. Anyway, the designer is George Long and I would love to work with him in the future for other projects. I am very impressed by his work experience and thank him for his assistance in sharing his expertise on publishing since I am a first time writer.

This was pretty much my envision. I needed something to represent the sled dog community and show sled dogs are a focal point to this story. However, that's not all for it is a Fantasy Adventure book. The feather is a Sioux prayer feather that was included to give a hint of the Native Sioux culture which also plays a key role in this book. This should show dogs going off to an adventure. I uploaded it on Instagram and it's receiving lots of likes from a diverse crowd. I am very glad that I have a range of diverse audience from all over the world because that is what I always strive for.

Book Updates...

I am currently still proofreading it to make sure there are no errors since I decided not to hire an editor because I am not willing to change anything in the book. This book throughout the years already has been through lots of drastic changes and so I'm not willing to change anything else. I am now satisfied in how the book is. I did not agree with the experts and their suggestions in not having a diverse book. My projects will always be diverse and I'm not changing that. 

Publication will be soon; this month or either next month, but soon. 

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