03 March, 2019

Cover Updates

Since the first book cover design was unsuccessful, I hired someone else to design the cover for one of my first books, Polar Qimuktis. I am very impressed with the design so far and now I have to pick the style I want for the book. The artist designed 20 and I picked #17. I will show the cover reveal as soon as everything is finished.

It's pretty much my envision of how I needed sled dogs to be the main star of the cover, but showing humans who see the cover to know this is not an ordinary sled dog book; it is Fantasy. There's a castle, forest and dragon in the far and I cannot wait to show everyone the cover.

More Updates

In other news... Well, I've been getting my whole Living Doll image together. I have been practicing the Japanese and Korean styled makeup and I believe I'm getting a bit better. I upload my progress on Instagram even though they're probably not worth sharing. I mostly play around with styles which would best suit my face. So far, I liked a Gyaru style that applies both black eyeliner and glittery eyeliner together. That's not all because as an extreme Living Doll, I will get plastic surgery to enhance my dolly appearance. 

I will create an original character for my Living Doll life and that would be the Tikaani Moon character. It turned more into an Anime themed character because Tikaani Moon's human version is Anime and the doll I will create will have an Anime look. Yes, I will be creating a doll version of Tikaani Moon. The theme I'm going with my whole Living Doll career is fairy-tale wanderlust.

In conclusion, I will be sharing more updates soon.


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