23 March, 2019

Facebook Update

I wanted to give an update on Facebook. I know I did a recent post about how I tried to get my account back, but even after a few years, Facebook gave me trouble to recover my account. Well yeah that did happen which was why I didn't want to have any presence on Facebook, but my mom, being an expert on marketing advised me to at least have a presence there since it seems beneficial to have an author page. Reluctantly, I attempted to sign into my account again. After confirming my identity, I was allowed to get my account back, but my real name is on my account. I can only add my pen name as a nickname or other name, but no one really knows me online by my real name because originally I wanted to publish anonymously. Now I'm not.

I have to fill out most of my profile since that were the terms if I had my account. So I am setting up my author page and personal account. Yes, I am now willing to share my face since that's the whole thing about being a Living Doll. Since I am combining my Living Doll lifestyle with my writing career, I will not make a separate blog or anything for either.

After years of stating I am a real person, that was my real ID I provided and most importantly, I am not an illegal immigrant. I was hoping Facebook would remove the flag that I shouldn't be in the United States off my online presence. So for some reason, this has been removed and now I don't believe I'll have any other problems. However, I do stand behind the fact Facebook did racially profiled me and ruined my author brand when I wanted to publish anonymously.

So, that's pretty much all I needed to share. Regarding my personal account, I don't really care about adding and will accept any friend request.

UPDATES: I recently just got a couple of issues with Facebook users, one was regarding my mom's adoptive background and sharing my family's story of how inaccurate were our results on 23andMe. This is true and I stand behind my story because no, I'm not confused and later on, people will see my story is accurate.

The other issue was the original issue before Facebook booted me off the site. I feel a lot of the users are racist and harassing, but I will try to keep this account only to have a Facebook presence as a writer. I would appreciate it though if people stopped targeting me and my family with their racism because I find it ridiculous since I haven't bothered anyone in this way and I am minding my own business. 

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