23 March, 2019

Wearing Kawaii Clothes

Recently, I went out wearing my new Kawaii clothes. I just got a thought about wearing these sort of clothes I wanted to share in order to help people better understand this society. Here is what I wore:

Both came from Japan! And as I wore this outside, I began to feel more confident, in which for me, this is what Kawaii fashion elicits. Yeah, I was the only one in public with these sort of clothes, colorful makeup and purple bunny ears and the key to wearing these clothes is that you cannot care about that. You have to have a nonchalant attitude when not seeing others wearing Lolita or Kawaii fashion. I however discovered a revelation that many don't realize about these clothes and accessories. It creates a positive environment. It allows you to have fun with life and with the day, to be more self confident, to be yourself and to be happy. Yes, I did feel the clothes would induce anyone to develop a positive reaction. It creates a unique upbeat, bubbly attitude and because you are wearing the clothes, it makes you want to behave in order to fit this style and that's positiveness, happiness, kindness and free spirit. It creates a person who wishes to think innocently as well.

Wearing Kawaii fashion does require lots of practice and a few hours to prepare. Being that I needed to go somewhere in the morning, I needed to get ready 3 hours earlier in order to pick out the outfit, wig, makeup, accessories and to put it on right. I want to become a Living Doll, which means this requires extra precision in order to look closeness to dolls. If you look closely, dolls are well put together and you must also be well put together. This is why it takes longer to get ready. I realized I would need to prepare hours before I head out anywhere.

Picking the outfit alone can take a while if you have different ranges of choices to choose from. I am still building my fashion and accessory collection, but what I have now is quite a lot. It can hardly fit in my bedroom, which requires that I organize my room a bit more. This is coming with the entire bedroom makeover I will make sure to give updates on. I may give a room tour soon as well, but not now because it's not ready yet. Far as for the clothes, I would prefer to start making my own designs I sketched a while back.

Again, if you live in a country where people don't dress like this, it can sort of make someone feel a bit weird to see you're the only person in public wearing it. However, again, I realized that isn't my concern and I should be free to wear whatever I wish regardless of what others think or how they stare. I was glad yesterday wasn't bad at all, not as it use to be. I remember a few years ago, people stared and made bad comments and questioning me to show their disapproval. Yesterday was different. Not that it mattered. It doesn't matter how people stare or what people say, I will continue to pursue a journey in transforming myself into a Human Doll because dolls are beautiful.

Anyway, the point to this post was sharing how I believe Kawaii clothes elicits positivity in which for some reason my computer thinks isn't a word. It promotes optimism for this is what I felt; I felt more confident and feeling not to take life too serious and to not be so intense. I started wearing cultural clothes, but I must switch back although I really love the Kameez and Sarees. Indian clothing will always be beautiful to me.

So, I wanted to give everyone a different perspective on the Kawaii world and Living Doll society. Becoming a Human Doll isn't bad at all. It helps you be the best you can be and to be more confident in your own skin. I am not sure why the media and religious groups attacks and criticizes it so much, but I wish to bring more awareness to the true meaning of being a Living Doll, Lolita and Kawaii fashion.


  1. The outfit looks simple enough, but if you had a lot more to do to the rest of you, it would take a while. I am curious what it all looked like.
    You have to be comfortable in your own skin.

    1. This one was a bit simple, but it still takes a while to get ready because the makeup and putting on the wig correctly. I agree you do have to be comfortable in your own skin.


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