08 April, 2019

Facebook Update 3

Reluctantly, I got back on Facebook to announce my upcoming book, but I'm beginning to get tired of the recent issue. I feel every time, there's something wrong with Facebook. Now recently, I've been having a problem where males and females, but mostly men sending me constant harassing messages. They send naked pictures or hearts, constantly ask to date when I simply say no and they are sending inappropriate pictures. This is an unfortunate issue because I do like networking and connecting with humans from all over the world and I have nothing wrong with anyone from any country. Now this has made me caution who I connect with.

This is only because of the pattern I notice from people originating from specific countries harassing me, which made me wary of others who send friend requests who also come from these countries. It has been a problem with people from the Middle East, Africa and South America.

I have been trying get inform Facebook of this issue, trying to explain this is one of the reasons why I didn't want my personal information on social media. They have ignored me as usual and refused to allow me to take off some of the information from my profile. Every time I try to make parts of my profile private, it goes back to being public. Facebook forced me to put my face on my profile along with my gender and other information which has attracted unwanted attention. I'm not satisfied in how unprofessional Facebook has gotten.

Yes, I have added other languages, the languages Russian and Turkish on my profile, which also drew unwanted attention. Knowing my workplace, Prohealth Care has also attracted problems. This issue makes me frustrated because I am only there to have a professional experience and to network. Also, I think this makes other people of Middle Eastern descent look bad on Facebook and social media. Because so many of these people are behaving inappropriately, everyone assumes they are all spam, pests and have bad intentions on social media. I have fully realized this is what Facebook's assumptions were coming from that they automatically assumed I am fake and is a spam person. I dislike the stereotype these people have created for themselves because it ruins it for those who are just like me, seeking for professional networking and have innocent intentions on these sites. I can see it's even harder to have an online presence as a female Middle Easterner.

It has became annoying that just because of my mixed ancestry, people see me as "exotic" and they feel the need to harass me with their inappropriate pictures and videos, and constantly asking to date and all that other annoying things. This is one of the major issues when being mixed race. People often don't treat you as a human being who deserves respect but as some trophy or bragging rights where they can say, "I'm dating a mixed girl."

This recent problem has gotten so bad, I block people everyday. It is disruptive because I often work on my phone as well and I get interrupted by the notification or if someone tries to constantly call me. I don't do video calls or things of that sort unless it is business related. I feel Facebook needs to do a better job at cracking down on these of that sort. Women and children deserve to have a safe area where they can network without harassment.

So, I'm not sure what to do with my Facebook account. I know I just got it back, but this issue has gotten really annoying. I have used Facebook to post my blog posts, promote myself and my book, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I am currently debating. In the meantime, I will make sure to screen everyone who sends a friend requests for now on. I use to accept everyone's friend requests, but now I don't. It's unfortunate because I know it causes some sort of false conceptions of people and assumptions because I have to block those who looks suspicious as well. I don't friend people who has iffy profiles, not enough information filled out, no activity posted on their walls; I also examine their friend's list and do not accept if I see a bunch of girls wearing skimpy clothes or has iffy photos. It's unfortunate too because it can be hard to tell if the person will harass me or not, but I have begun taking these steps first.

If anyone who is reading this is on Facebook, I would appreciate it if you explain to me you are either have connected with me on other social media sites or you read my posts because iffy profiles I have had to block. And that's pretty much it...

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