25 May, 2019

Writing and Pet Updates (and More)

I'm still not a hundred percent but I realized a week went by without posting anything. I wanted to share some updates for writing and I decided to include pet updates here since I haven't been able to write up one for the pet updates. Here, I will also answer some questions I've been receiving. Anyone is able to ask their questions so I can answer them in a post...

Writing Updates

Recently, I have been trying to get some writing done. I haven't worked on releasing the first Polar Qimuktis book, but I have been working on finishing the second book. Well, trying to. I am currently at 176 pages. I know it's slow progress, but I'm trying to get back into a steady pace and a habit of writing everyday. Yes, I have a long way to go, but since I have the entire book outlined and planned out, it wouldn't take that long to figure out what to write. 

Well, this isn't the only writing project I've been working on recently. I recently titled my Epic Fantasy with the demon POV and I finished outlining 3 of the books for this project. 

Pet Updates & Cairn Terrier Review

Toto some days have been a hand full. No, we still haven't been able to get two of our dogs to get along, which means it still has to be monitored every time they're in the same room. It is hard to tell if Toto wants to play with our other dog Scotty or is he trying to fight him since he all of a sudden tries to chase Scotty. Also no, we haven't stopped Toto from play biting, in which nothing has worked to stop him. He has a lot of energy which makes me wish sometimes my family was able to have a cat instead of a dog. Unfortunately, we're allergic to cats. My family has been getting Toto use to walking free and oddly he behaves better off a leash than he behaves on a leash in the house. However, outside, we must always have him on a leash because he is a runner and doesn't come when called. 

Since I added the pet updates to this post, I'll just share my review of the Cairn Terrier now. As I read after buying the dog, this breed is rough and tough and has lots of energy. I can tell this is a hunting dog how Toto tries to hunt our exotic animals. I am unsure if I would ever get another Cairn Terrier though because of how hard it is dealing with them. I'd say it's difficult to train the Cairn Terrier with specific things, but Toto looks for guidance which indicates the dog is teachable. I notice how stubborn Toto is though, and how quick he'll challenge the person trying to discipline him. He enjoys spending hours outside and running around. He is also an explorer, but that also means, he loves getting into everything. Because of this, it's required to keep a closer eye on this one. I think that's how most Terriers are. I know Terriers are feisty, rough, energetic and some can have a meanness, but it's something that attracts me to Terriers. They're one of my favourite breed types. However, I only recommend Terriers to those who are willing to deal with a dog who will get into everything, loves to explore, loves getting into loads of trouble, is feisty, can be overly hyper and is a rougher dog. I guess I like these dogs because their resilient, tough, entertaining and even though they can be a hand full, it's something about them that makes their mischievous behavior worth it.  

Some Questions to Answer

I noticed some questions I wanted to answer now before I forget to. 

Are you Russian? Can You Speak Russian?

I get this question a few times, especially since people tell me I look more European. First, I must note I am American, but I recently learned I have lots of Russian relatives and I do have some percentage of Russian. I am unsure of the percentage though, but I only know most of it comes from the Turkic population. Well, I am not entirely sure about that.

I can speak Russian, and many have noticed I greet and thank them in Russian, which is something that has became instinctive. I write all of my posts in English due to my computer that doesn't accommodate Cyrillic or other special characters. So I am only able to write in Russian on my phone, but I can't write very well on my phone for some reason, especially long texts. I know it's strange, but this is the reason I have to write posts on my computer. However, I can verbally speak Russian fluently.

To answer the other questions, I am currently learning Turkish as well and I can speak some Turkish. Also, I am mixed race and would prefer to be identified as biracial or mixed race because I do have mixed ancestry. Most cover the Mediterranean region.  

For now, I can only answer those questions. I will add more to this later. I just don't feel too well but I am trying to keep the blogs active especially since I am going to be a newly published writer, and will finally have a book available.

If there are any errors, I will fix them when I feel better...

14 May, 2019

Updates for May 14

Around 3:00 a.m. was the only time I turned on my computer to get work done. I
 haven't been able to get any writing done since May 1. It's a huge disappointment my health prevented me from working on my projects. I think it's been ruled out I don't have pneumonia, but currently I'm getting a series of tests to figure out what it is.

I also wanted to announce I deactivated my Facebook account again. I'm not sure if I should keep Facebook or not for my writing career, not sure how useful would the site be for me. I am very disappointed how unprofessional Facebook is. I just got fed up with constant messaging and calling me on my phone from like thousands of men. I work on my phone, but Facebook interrupted me every 5 seconds with someone calling me. I already blocked literately thousands of accounts. This is not exaggerating, I was able to keep number due to the thousands of friend requests I received everyday, which I found weird. That's how it works. Someone sends a friend requests, and most of the time, they send a seemingly innocent message. It can be a simple wave, hi or something of that sort. Then next, there they are sending inappropriate pictures and/or videos, or keep harassing you with dating related topics. Even when asking them to leave you alone, or no, you're not interested, they constantly keep the harassment going until leaving you no choice but to block them.

To be honest, I didn't wish to attract any of those people to my blogs for I am seeking to build a legit, professional networking and audience. I realized most on Facebook are not as professional and business oriented as Facebook pretends they are. I am just not sure what to do with my account, if I should keep it deactivated or log back on for the sake of my writing. Well, again, I don't want to attract these sort of people who are spamming and do not have legit motives in connecting.

I noticed adding specific languages to your profile as languages you can speak, this attracts unwanted attention as well. This is why I removed Turkish off my profile, but then since I left Russian, the harassment continued. I will make sure to post about this ongoing problem on my other blog, but now, I voice my frustration how people of specific ancestral backgrounds, races or even simply being a woman, this is an invitation for people to flood you with spam and harassment.

My family has used Facebook for our family history and ancestral search, but only because I've read stories where people found Facebook useful for this. I found some groups related to ancestry and family tree stuff, but I'm not sure if Facebook is worth it. Well, the last straw was when Facebook felt my blocking was excessive, not sure why when clearly I was being harassed constantly.

So, unfortunately, my progress for the second book of Polar Qimuktis hasn't moved. I will have to work on this when I'm able to. I hope soon to release the first book because I know I've been talking about it since the beginning of this year I believe. Currently, I've been viewing documents through my phone, doing research, writing down notes and ideas, and naming characters I didn't have names for. Since I couldn't work on my computer, I used my phone to help develop the plots, settings and characters for various of projects.

I will post pet updates in a post dedicated to our pets because I'll give a review on the Cairn Terrier. 

01 May, 2019

IWSG: May 1 2019

It's time for another, Insecure Writer's Support Group post. If you want to learn more about it, please visit here:

I usually answer the optional question, but I couldn't properly answer it. So I will just give an update on my writing and stuff like that this time. I didn't realize I didn't have anything prepared for May 1st. I've been really busy and haven't been able to get any writing nor blogging done. I haven't had enough time to do anything else but my PCA work and of course dealing with our new puppy, Toto. Again, we decided to rename our new puppy Toto because we like the Wizard of Oz film. In another post, I will make a special review on the Cairn Terrier breed and updates on our pets.

Working as a PCA seemed to have doubled in energy draining. Due to my writing career, I am skeptical about furthering my healthcare career. Well, I'm unsure about working in a hospital or clinic setting. With my current job where I do home visits to patients, this is a bit better and gives me more time for working on my writing career and other stuff. Plus, I do think it's nice to help those who cannot help themselves.

I'll stick to writing since this is primarily for writing, and so unfortunately though, I haven't had time to finish up the first Polar Qimuktis book and release it. I guarantee it will happen this year, but there's a delay unfortunately due to time.

The delay may be due to my health as well. I have shared my journey in transforming myself into a Human Doll, or you can either call it a Living Doll or Real Life Doll. My Living Doll lifestyle and career has became a major part in my author brand and career as well, and so this is important to maintain my dolly appearance and develop it even more. However, I've been struggling with strange but severe pain and so my mom insisted I get an appointment. That appointment didn't help in finding out about the pain in my chest and back, but some of the symptoms seems to sound like pneumonia or something like a chest cold. This does set me back from having plastic surgery which annoys me because I've been wanting to complete my Living Doll appearance for my author brand.

My new laptop hindered me from getting much done and so I had no choice but to switch laptops. Yes, that means I had to get a new one and I am now working on my new laptop which is an HP, one I didn't really want to have again, but I decided to test out the HP computer again. I recently got a tablet to help with my designing in character outfits. No, I can't draw digitally at all, but I think I can only draw in an Anime style. I am serious about getting started on my fashion designing career and this is why I got this tablet. I wish to better design outfits for my manga characters and the tablet would assist in this. It's still too early to say if I'm satisfied with my new laptop and tablet but I'll make another post sharing updates on them.

As usual, I'm writing this in the middle of the night during the time I've been working on my new writing projects. I haven't actual wrote anything, but I am just writing notes, character profiles, setting details, research stuff and the outline. I like to map out the story before actually writing it.

For my manga projects, I plan to get my Shounen, Paranormal, Action/Adventure series illustrated and published first. I think it's more developed than any other manga project. I took classes and learned how to mimic Japanese manga exactly and have learned how to write Japanese styled comics. Well, I learned this so extensively, I cannot create American styled comics.

One recent project in particular is another Fantasy book. I decided to make the main character a person of Middle Eastern descent because I am a bit disappointed there aren't many characters representing my family's life. I would like to reach the ones like me who Christians because not all people who are Middle Eastern are Muslim, and I do wish to show a side that most people can't or don't see. Not every story has to involve terrorists if someone who is Middle Eastern is involved either the main character or one of the main characters. Also, from a random thought, I have begun adding Jewish and Eastern European characters in my recent projects. In particular, I do feel there is a similar stereotype when it comes to Russian characters. Finding out about my ancestry (a tad) and whole adoptive background issue, it changed the way I feel about Russian people and disliked the stereotypes in entertainment. Well, in a way, I can say the same thing about Native Americans in how existing entertainment seems to just stereotype or take jabs at these people and their culture. With my Polar Qimuktis book, I hope to show a beautiful side to Native American culture, the languages, names and people. Not that they are "savages" or anything negative, but bringing awareness through six books. I hope to have represented the Native American in a way they can be proud of this time. 

I am unsure how this would be arranged about the puppy, but I do know the importance of releasing the first book that I've been talking about for years and also working hard on for about 14 or more years. I think it was best to improve on my writing skills and upgrade the story; soon I wish for my hard work to finally pay off.

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