05 June, 2019

IWSG June 5 2019

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Of all the genres you read and write, which is your favorite to write in and why?

This can be a bit tricky to answer because I am a multi-genre writer. I've experimented in several different genres mainly because I had ideas for stories that happen to be in specific genres. I actually don't read in the same genre I write in. During reading, I prefer only classic books or nonfictional books mainly relating to historic wars, my favorite is about the American Civil War, World War 2 or U.S. Presidents. I do this in order to research topics for my writing. 

Getting on to the question though, I probably would have to say Fantasy and the reason is that I have created a document listing all of my projects. Many of my writing projects does fit into the Fantasy category, but a lot of my projects are a cross-genre and multi-genre. Early on when I began writing and that was pretty early when I was about 10 or so, my first projects were Fantasy and then I had ideas for Science Fiction and Horror. 

I like the Fantasy genre gives writers a chance to incorporate any theme and perhaps a cross-genre. From Dark Fantasy to a story that's more a Fantasy Steampunk, I'm able to use any theme I wish to. I feel there's more flexibility and less limitations with Fantasy. I learned early on to never limit my creativity and imagination in writing especially Fiction writing, and more specifically, in Fantasy.  

Throughout my years, I always had a vivid imagination and creativity was my most known trait. I had many ideas and writing in the Fantasy genre helped me get out all of my ideas. It has improved my creativity and allowed me to become an inventive person. Writing Fantasy, I don't have to limit my creativity and imagination, in fact, the more imaginative, the better. 

I remember my earliest moments of showing my creativity through writing was an assignment from school (before homeschool). The teacher instructed us to come up with our own original short story about anything we wanted. I wrote a Dark Fantasy that related to an undead army and a king I believe. Well, the teacher was saying how the story was too detailed and solid for someone my age to have came up with the story. She kept accusing me of getting the whole idea from a video game or a movie or something when I did not, for that was my original creation as it was instructed. That affirmed what my family suggested for me to become a writer. As you can see through that story, I was always imaginative and my creativity was vast. That was a good way to write the Fantasy book I prefer to read and to bring out my contributions to the Fantasy genre. 


  1. I bet the teacher was just jealous you came up with an idea that was better than anything she could think of.

    1. Perhaps it was jealousy. I just always had trouble with the school teachers such as this incident which was why I wanted to be homeschooled.

  2. I've always been a fan of fantasy, too. I'm pretty much open to any story idea that pops into my head, no matter what the genre is.

    1. I do love fantasy. I am the same. If I have an idea, I write it down no matter the genre, which I feel is a good way to write.


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