01 June, 2019

New Book Updates (and More)

Merhaba everyone! In this post, I would like to give updates on my book that will be released soon. I'm still in the editing stage. I just don't want to miss any errors and would prefer to reread it over another time to make sure the book is completely error-free. I have also been working on other projects, most importantly finishing the second book to the Polar Qimuktis series. I now have 177 pages for the second book, which I am disappointed I have lesser progress than usual but it's only due to my health that I still have issues with. However, I am trying to get back into writing every day.

So I am in the editing stage still because I know I have to put my best work out there, and I'm working hard to do that. It must be worth all of those years of saying one day. I have been studying the French language for this series. I do include French dialogue and some Fantasy words are French-based. With this fact, I was checking to make sure the French are correct.

I have also been trying to learn Cherokee and the Lakota-Sioux language. The Native American culture and languages play a major role in the entire series. I use many words and names from different tribes, mainly the Sioux and Cherokee. I do find it harder trying to learn Indigenous languages since they're not that accessible to everyone, but I managed to get what I could for the series and I'm still gathering useful materials I can include. The POV of the first 8 or 9 chapters is a Native American woman of the Sioux tribe. This was such a coincidence I chose this tribe before the issue with the pipeline and the Standing Rock tribe, and this way, I can also honour this tribe. I made a story like this mainly for my fascination of the Native American culture. Through my years of being raised to know the Native Americans from my mom's adoptive family, I was able to see their culture just as they see it. I needed to show how beautiful their cultures, languages and names are, but without grouping Native Americans in one big category, without grouping every Indigenous ethnic group in one basket. Other non-Indigenous ethnic groups argue how they're not all the same, but I feel we should also respect that not all Indigenous groups are the same as well. I hope to have presented them well. This series does not mock them nor say how they're "savages". This series is to show a side to their culture that most cannot see due to a lack of understanding and education. The Polar Qimuktis starts off my career in bringing awareness to Native American culture.

While editing the first book, I've been working on other projects such as the same Epic Fantasy I mentioned in other posts. I realized this particular series will be the darkest I've ever written with the darkest main character being that the POV is a demon, based upon a real demon I found. I have also been working to get the second book finished like I said, and also the other books to the series.

I am setting up my Youtube channel as well. The channel will feature my Living Doll life, but also it will include my writing and other stuff I share. I will have a room tour when my bedroom is complete, show of my outfits including the outfits I design and make, and teas and snacks I buy from around the world. I may purchase different tea sets for this, not sure yet. Anyway, I am currently trying to practice with my camera, video editing and also speaking in front of a camera.

Lastly, since some like me including the pet updates, 

I will end it with the pet updates. Toto, our puppy is an okay pup, but he still has behavioural issues that needs to be addressed. There are three major issues. One, being destructive and destroying everything in his path, which is a problem. He's biting up furniture, clothes, blankets, beds and even the wall! I tried the vinegar thing, which worked, but I figured my family didn't want everything to smell like vinegar. Second, the biting which has to stop. His bites are really hard and painful and they do draw blood. My hands and arms are covered in bruises and bite marks due to it. My sister started calling him Little Vampire because many of his bites look like a Vampire bit you. At the time, it's not funny because I don't like him biting me, but unfortunately, nothing has worked to stop him from doing this... yet. Third, is that Toto is a bully to our other dog, Scotty. Some examples are, when Toto is on the bed, he will bully Scotty off the bed and not allow him to sit on the bed also. He bullies him as to where he wants him to be, which I know is a disaster waiting to happen because a few times recently, we had to scramble to stop the two dogs from fighting. I would really hate if the two dogs had to be separated all the time. I hope Toto can be disciplined out of that behaviour.

And, these are the updates I wanted to share... As usual, I will make sure to fix any errors later.

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