30 June, 2019

Rules in Becoming a Living Doll

As an upcoming Living Doll, I have been doing some more research on becoming a Living Doll. Well, trying to because I feel the Google search results are not very relevant to this lifestyle because it often associates this with off topic things. I hope to allow others to better understand Living Dolls.

I read one description saying Living Dolls are women who dresses, talks and looks like a porcelain doll which sounds like my ideal lifestyle. I don't feel my look is finished and polished and so I have been trying to reach that point where I could be satisfied with how my porcelain appearance is. I will completely transform myself into a doll or either anime character.

On Tumblr and Wikihow, there are a few tutorials on how to become a Living Doll. Yes, it was emphasized on how most Living Dolls are European or Asian, but Asian, these sites only referred to East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese etc.). I do agree and must state no, you don't have to be European or East Asian to transform yourself into a Living Doll. Since getting this question as to what Living Doll would I be, I am still not sure what race should I be categorized as. This is why I've been trying to figure that out.

The other major steps are keeping a good skin care, hair care, nail care and makeup routine. I have gotten out of this tomboyish habit of not caring about this and just leaving out the door, but in order to become a Living Doll, this takes a lot more than just soap. I have added facial routines, skin care routines that I am also experimenting with things I find online and well, I am working on nail polish. I don't polish my nails, but that is sort of an important step as well.

Obviously, you must keep up a routine to make sure you have even toned skin or no flaws or blemishes. The goal is to have porcelain skin which is flawless. Now, porcelain, I mean only flawless. It's good to have no blemishes, unevenness or scars. Since I was a tomboyish girl, I didn't care too much about scars but now I do. Now I have some scars on my hands, arms and legs. One is a dog bite, some are from skateboarding and handling dogs like Huskies and stuff as a wannabe musher.

I was told since I have pale skin, it is crucial to keep my pale complexion because dolls do not have tans or any uneven skin tones and stuff like that. No skin damage or anything like that. My family has a garden and we work in the spring, summer and fall, but I will make sure I don't get a tan or any skin damage.

Another interesting thing I've read was how we need to end the dumb girl stereotype. In order to do that, we need more educated Living Dolls. Well, I think probably since I am not just a Living Doll, that may help in ending the stereotype. It was suggested to learn a language, but I think you don't have to know another language if that isn't that person's interest to. I know most Living Dolls can speak Japanese, but I haven't been studying Japanese lately. Since I could speak Russian, I have been learning Russian only so I can automatically read it and know the grammar and to better understand it. Instead of Japanese, I notice my theme changing from Japanese to Russian and Turkish. I guess this is okay. If I do not learn Japanese in time for my complete look, I may write and speak Russian instead. Well, Russian is getting more into parts of my own ancestral roots. However, I will get back into learning Japanese.

The other important step is personality, in which you must have the personality to fit a Living Doll. I have been told by others my personality naturally suits this which is how they feel I would fit into this lifestyle. Yeah, I am shy, calm spirited person and I do strive to be nice. Being kind and happy is the major personality traits, but also to have the mentality of being innocent as well. Living Dolls have sweet voices and I never liked my voice because I thought it was too soft, but it turns out it's perfect for becoming a Living Doll. The key is to have a sweet, soft voice.

 So, this is what I wanted to share about this...

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