14 June, 2019

Some Random Updates

Since it is Friday night, I thought to post at least something to keep the blog updated. First, my Living Doll transformation was unfortunately put on hold due to my ongoing health issues. It's not a serious issue I think. I went to an appointment Wednesday and there was some suspicion part of my problems come from a reproductive complication. It doesn't bother me if I am unable to have children, but I'm bothered by the fact it affects my overall health and ability to write. It has been really hard doing my job and I can't get much writing done. I must wait for 2 months to see if things have improved or I won't get approved for plastic surgery, which frustrates me. That I learned is only part of my problem, but not all of it and so trying to see what else it wrong.

Speaking of writing though, I have took this time to learn more about publishing. I have been trying to get at least some pages done everyday, but I find myself unable to reach those goals. Since I turned on my computer now, I may use the time to write some stuff after posting this. Not much has changed with my Polar Qimuktis projects, but I have a new idea for a new manga project. I am just writing down notes and ideas for that. I also added more ideas for a game project. This would fit into the Horror category which has been my latest game ideas I've noticed. My progress annoys me because I would like to have the second book and the other books to the series also done. It's taking longer than I want it to.

After getting that postcard in the mail from Russia, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I know I've said my mom nor myself wouldn't want to meet our real family, but I guess we wouldn't reject it if someone is trying to contact the family. For the past few days, I observed the celebration of Navy Day and Victory Day in Russia, just thinking of the country I wasn't able to know. For years, it has been my dream to see Russia and it's still a dream. Honestly, I would liked to have known my mother's family, my family. I felt both families missed so much of each other's lives, and now if we meet, it would feel like meeting strangers. At first, we were fine without ever knowing anything, especially the family. I've been trying to find the truth about who I am since growing up taking the African American race as my own identification, but I recently learned I'm not African American. Going through life not knowing your race or your ancestry is hard, not knowing who you are. I had to figure it out and get the information on my own.

After a lot of thinking, I guess I would like to get to know our real family. Now that I know some of my mom's biological family reads my posts, I would like to say my family would accept the family trying to reunite. I would appreciate if anyone has information regarding our full ancestry and where we fit into the family tree. All I know is that I'm an Arab/Turkish admixture, which suggests perhaps my family came from the Turkish population of Russia. I do know also there are other family members in other countries. Well, where ever the family is from, we will accept communication. I hope it won't be a quick visit, but I prefer if the family were serious in us getting to know each other. If you keep reading, I will post more things so the family would get to know my family, but it would be nice to also get to know you. I think also it would be better to visit Russia with family who live there.

...Oh I almost forgot about pet updates which I have gotten a few requests about getting updates on our pets. Recent incidents made me realize it isn't just Toto being a jerk, but also Scotty. I was hoping we'd be able to get our dogs to get along soon, but we ended up having to put up gates to separate each dog. They now have their own space in the house, where Toto is in the living room and Scotty has the kitchen, back porch and master bedroom. They are territorial, in which yes, we were warned about this when getting two male dogs, but I still prefer this over getting stuck with a bunch of puppies no one wants to buy. I honestly can't imagine having more than 2 Terriers in the house.

Recently too, I've gotten news how allergies change over time from my appointment. I've always wanted to own a cat, but never was able to. June 25th, I have an appointment for an Allergist and I would like to see if I'm still allergic to cats. I have always preferred cats over dogs, and so I hope I can have one now.

And so, here are the pretty random updates... As usual, if there are any errors, I will fix them later.


  1. I hope they are able to improve your health.
    You have a unique mix of heritage - I'd be curious as well.

    1. Thank you. I hope so too. I learned it is a unique mixture which is why I've become curious about my family's ancestry. I hope I can find out soon.


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