23 June, 2019

Upcoming YouTube Channel (and Q&A)

Recently, I've been viewing tutorials on getting a YouTube Channel started. Yes, I am currently getting my channel together and everything, and that does include getting use to talking to a camera. I will make sure to post what I learned and as I become an expert on creating YouTube Channels. My YouTube Channel will have a slight different theme from my blogs and the usual Tikaani Moon brand. I will keep a consistent theme of the Wolf, but since I am an upcoming Living Doll, it will be more focused on Kawaii lifestyle. I wish there were more videos about being a Living Doll. I mean, more channels on the life and related topics. I will give a tour of my bedroom when the transformation is complete. I hope soon I will be satisfied with my appearance. I also like wearing historical clothing and so I will make videos about that as well.

I know the Kawaii lifestyle leans towards a Japanese theme and yes, I will share the items I purchase from Japan that fits into the Kawaii stuff. I've been trying to continue my Japanese studying, but I know more Russian than Japanese. So I may interchange and use both languages. I love being international and not focused on one culture. For my Living Doll style, I sort of borrowed from different fashion styles from a few countries.

I have viewed some videos of other Living Dolls and those who just loves the Kawaii lifestyle. These videos inspired me to get going on my transformation and lifestyle. I will make sure to show my Lolita outfits in one of the videos too because I really love my beautiful dolly clothes. Also, I'll show my accessories, wig collection and skin care routine when I finally get one I like. I am still trying to change from my life as a tomboyish person.

My goal is to bring the Tikaani Moon brand into a human version, which would bring it to an Anime theme. I guess I don't mind that although I at first didn't think of becoming a real life Anime character until recently. However, I still like the Ellowyne Wilde Doll and would love to become a real life Ellowyne Wilde. I won't stop until I look closeness to a doll. When people see me, I want them to say, "She looks exactly like a doll."

I just wish I knew other Living Dolls or either women who wears Lolita and Kawaii fashion.

I will make sure to post updates about that and as usual, I will answer any questions anyone ask.

Concluding This With A Q&A 

Q: Do you have any children? Are you Married?

A: I have no children nor am I married due to my introversion. I wanted to address a message from a mother who sympathized I may be incapable of having children. Thanks, but I'm perfectly fine if I can't have children.

Q: Are you Japanese? Are you Asian?

A: Technically, I am considered Asian according to my West Asian and Romani/South Asian ancestry. There can be a possibility I have some Japanese percentage, but for certain, I do have traces from Southeast Asia.

Q: Can you share more about your Russian background? 

A: As I shared before, I found out I have family members who are Russian, but also other Eastern Europeans. I believe half are Turkish and the other half are Slavic. I learned my ancestry originates from Russia even though I have ancestry from the Mediterranean region, but not sure how. There are hints my biological grandma was from Russia and my mom has a few Russian siblings. I would love to learn more about this. When I learn more, I will share it.

Q: Which Middle Eastern country is your ancestry from?

A: Recently, I found traces from North Africa and the Middle East. It's hard to tell since I see traces from different countries, but most of the percentage goes to Morocco, Iraq and Turkey.

Q: Are you still moving to Japan?

A: I know I've been planning it for a few years now, but I was trying to do more research to make sure Japan would be the best country for my family to live in. I recently had an interest to live in Germany after learning more about the country. I am just trying to pick the safest country to move to. Plus, I would like to wait until some tensions have calmed.

Lastly, I wanted to answer a question regarding my health. I don't think it's a too serious problem, but I still don't know why I have severe pain. There were a few theories it was inflammation, an injury or an ulcer. I heard ulcers were painful to have since this means having open wounds internally, but most of the time they are caused by long-term use of pain relievers.

And, I will be willing to answer any other questions. Thank you for reading and for your interests in my ancestry, especially thank you for your interests about the Russian culture and people with Russian ancestry. To those who sent messages saying they love Russian culture, I also love the culture, the language, the music, the people and fashion. 

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