26 July, 2019

Getting More Work Done...

Lately, I haven't been able to share project updates since I haven't made any progress with my writing nor publishing. I always strive to get a lot done, but I was ending up doing less than desired. I am glad to say my recent work has made progress. Even if it's slow, I think it's better than no progress. I was happy to see page numbers actually move this time. However, I wish to write more as I use to because I could write an entire chapter in one session. The only problem was that I felt that I never had publish worthy material. Now my writing did improve a whole lot. I know you can't tell when I'm posting things with errors, but I tend to write differently for projects and blog posts. I just tend to see the error after I post.

Although I'm not a hundred percent, I've been taking some pain medicine so it won't be too severe. It has helped (not really), but nothing has actually solved the problem. I guess because no one figured out what it was. I wish to find out why I have severe pain so it can be resolved finally. I do have to get back to writing.

Anyway, I am in the process of rereading the first book of Polar Qimuktis, and working on the second as usual. That's nothing new, but I put one of my books together. It's the one I have mentioned before that has a demon POV. I wrote only the highlights first in one document. At first, they were just random ideas that seemed disorganized especially trying to figure out which book to put what in. I did plan this one out as I always do, but I had some ideas I had to write down before I forget them. Now, I turned this one into a trilogy and organized the scenes.

Writing this particular one is something I never thought I'd do. I never thought I would write a book with a demon as the main character due to my religion, and we're always taught to stay clear away from things of this such. It can feel stranger knowing the main character is based from a real demon, many of the characters are. To give a little hint, it's a male demon and so the main character is male. Strangely, after one day finding this demon, I haven't been able to find it again. The demon is perfect for the main character, but it can be hard trying to learn more about this demon. I don't have trouble for the other demons though. I always worry about summoning him by obsessing over this demon. I do know some facts about it, and that the demon is a beastly type with several different forms.

For manga updates, I pretty much have the first volume planned out. I actually pulled up an older outline, realizing the older one was better than the newer version. I know there's not many pages you have to do for manga, but I'm not sure why it's taking so long finishing it. Again, this is a Shounen which is my favourite categories in manga. This series has many of the elements in typical Shounen manga in order to follow tradition, but it's a different story and stuff like that. I know how much I hated short manga/anime series, and so I am working on making a long series.

I have started new game projects, wrote some notes down, but placed them on hold for now. I am glad my projects have increased since having just a couple of games to work on.

I hope to be able to get more work done. I will keep sharing updates when I have any to share. 

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