09 July, 2019

Q & A 2

Here is a Q and A since I received some other questions. As usual, I am willing to answer questions and I will answer them on the blog to fill in some blanks about me.

Q: Do You Enjoy Your Work?

A: Of course I do. My greatest motto in life is doing something you love doing, if you don't enjoy what you do, you minus well not even waste your time on it. I always strive to work for my passion.

Q: When will your book be available? You are a writer for fantasy adventure?

A: Due to health issues, it's a delay, but my book will be available this year. I do write lots of Fantasy Adventure and the first series I will publish falls into that genre. I am not limited to just Fantasy Adventure. I also write Horror, Science Fiction, Western and other genres. My work tends to lends more towards adventure and action though.

Q: What made you write a book based upon Native American culture?

A: Purely by my upbringing. I was raised to be very familiar with the Native Americans and their culture. I've spent years learning about their culture which developed a passion for these people. I am grateful to have known the Indigenous people and I would say they were the only good thing that came out of not being raised to know my real family. I was simply interested in the culture and wanted to write what interested me.

Q: Do You Live in Minneapolis? What is it like living there?

A: I was raised in Minneapolis, but I now live in Columbia Heights. It's often called Minneapolis instead, but please know those are two different cities. I live in a small town surrounded by lots of factories and eateries. It is a close knit community and very old fashioned. Most who live here are seniors. It can be quiet, well, it use to be quiet and peaceful, but now crime has went up. The neighbors can be a pain if you're lucky to get trouble making and confrontational neighbors. It's a town stuck in their old ways and doesn't like too much change or diversity nor different cultures. However, that is sort of changing since different cultures have been moved into the town, not willingly though.

Q: Are You Really a Model?

A: I am starting a modelling career after transforming myself into a Human Doll. I'm modelling only for Lolita and Kawaii fashion. I won't release any photos until my Living Doll appearance is complete for that's what I want to be known for.

Q: Can You be Considered a Human Barbie?

I guess someone could if they wish to simplify things. However, I am not a Human Barbie because there are too many Human Barbies. I want to be a different type of Living Doll. I wouldn't mind if anyone calls me a Human Barbie though.

Q: What is your favourite type of Lolita?

A: I think it has to be Classic Lolita. I like how it looks more vintage.

Q: Are you a cosplayer? What is your favourite cosplay?

A: Not really, but I have cosplayed before. My favourite would be Peachette from the game New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe I watched from a video. I love the dress when she turns into a human. I love cosplay that's similar to Lolita dresses. I also love the cosplay from Love Live! School Idol Project, in which I have cosplayed a few characters before. I will cosplay Peachette very soon.

Q: Are you still a gamer? What kind of games do you play? What game would you like to play?

A: Yes, I like a variety of different type of games. I love casual games, games with kawaii styles, but I also love dark, horror games. I play stuff like Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, Doom Eternal, Halo series, Lego series and a few others. I did like Minecraft, but I was never good at building anything and so I gave up. I am currently trying to find more games that's worth my time. Wait, my all time favourite is Don't Starve. I would really like to play Dark Deception. Horror games doesn't scare me at all. However, I also would love to play the Mario games, but I don't have a Nintendo.

Q: There's a Russian Population in Washington, would you visit it?

A: That's really cool. I never knew that. Yes, I would be interested in visiting someday. I know this person really wanted me to visit his state Washington, especially this town he told me about where Russians seems to flock to. Yes, I can visit Washington, especially now I have to see Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

Q: How Are you able to speak Russian? Why do you need to learn it then?

A: I did explain on the other blog in this post. I honestly cannot explain how I'm able to speak Russian without learning the language. Someone told me about the Collective Unconscious theory and I do believe that's the reason why and how. Just like the theory, at random times I can even read Russian. I am learning the language so I can read it automatically and all the time, and to better understand the grammar and everything. I do find it strange I can speak it fluently without learning Russian though.

Q: Why do you look different than your mom and sister? Why do you look European? Is it true you were born with blonde hair and blue eyes?

A: Many people wonder that, and the answer is because our family is mixed race. This often happens when you mix races. I have to disagree. I don't think I look European. There are lots of people from the West Asian region who looks like me. Yes, it's true, but my eyes changed to a light brown from an unusual reddish colour. I learned about the Kalash people of Pakistan who often have blonde hair and blue eyes. I do think it's because my mom's family who are European.

Those are the questions I can answer for now. Many are using Linkedin to ask questions, and they can ask on any site I'm active on.


  1. I've played Halo.
    I think you'd be really good at cosplay.

    1. Halo is a pretty good game, the series is good. Thank you.


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