24 August, 2019

Day 6 of Recovery

It's been 6 days since my gallbladder surgery and I wanted to share an update. Posting about this has helped me get through my recovery process. These past 6 days has been really hard for me. I've been in excruciating pain and I haven't been able do much of anything. I've been too weak and not being able to eat anything. For the first few days, I haven't eaten in two days, but my mom kept trying to get me to eat, but I couldn't get pass a nauseous feeling. I could only sip a bit of water, but my mom kept introducing me to food. I had to gradually return to eating since in the hospital I wasn't allowed to eat anything, but that got me in a habit of not eating at all. Now I have been eating, but I think I've been eating the wrong foods because my stomach has been very irritated.

I assumed this surgery would get rid of the episodes of pain in my upper abdomen, but it did not. Strangely, I am still experiencing this severe pain in my stomach. This made me think Dr. Cody was right in stating he doesn't think the gallbladder was the only reason to my problems, and it was one of a few things that gave me trouble. My whole digestive system seemed ruined from the gallbladder and how it was made very differently than other people's gallbladders, and that's why it was advised to get my gallbladder removed.

Well, day 6, I am still in severe pain and I am out of my pain medicine prescribed to me. However, since this serious drug abuse epidemic in America, most physicians don't like refilling prescriptions even if they see the patient really needs it. Well, I don't think Dr. Cody gave me enough because 15 wasn't enough for someone who just had surgery. Luckily, my family has pain medicine at home, but it hasn't been too helpful. Well, sometimes is has helped me go to sleep and I felt I needed the sleep.

I've tried pushing myself in returning to my daily work and activities, but I only set myself back when doing this. I know it was advised that I be extremely careful because I am a huge fall risk, which was why I had to be constantly monitored in the hospital. Each time I got up to use the bathroom, a nurse came into the room to make sure I wouldn't fall and injure myself. The same thing sort of has been happening at home where my family makes sure I don't have anything in the way to prevent any injury.

I have four bandages on my stomach. Would you like to see?

Here it is. The one lowest is covering my naval. One of the incisions were in my naval, causing soreness in my naval now. I would like to get them changed, but I was told I wasn't suppose to change the bandages at home. The surgeon is suppose to change my bandages on the 26 when he examines my incisions. These incisions are very painful and it's been hard walking, in which, I've been walking hunched over. Plus, I can only rest sitting up and not lying all the way down. When returning home, I tried laying down on the bed on my back, but it was a disaster. I found myself unable to get back up and I had difficulty breathing as it was in the hospital. I noticed when I'm lying flat down, my chest and neck closes up.

I was told my throat will be sore for awhile due to the tube pushed down my throat to help me breathe during surgery. My throat is still sore, in fact, there is a wound at the top of my mouth that doesn't want to heal. It's more like a gash at the top, which makes it hard to eat and drink. The gash is now hot to touch and I know these are signs of an infection. Despite this, I do have to say, this new Apple Juice by Honest that I do know was created by Jessica Alba has helped during my recovery process.

So, I'll give more updates on my recovery progress. 


  1. Sorry the recovery is so difficult. Take it easy and just rest. Hope you find some food that agrees with you.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and I'll make sure to get rest and find food that won't irritate my stomach.


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