15 August, 2019

Health Update 2 (And More)

Not sure how long it has been since I posted, but I haven't been able to turn on my computer since I last posted. I will give these health updates because my family agrees to continue to go public with my story since this is such ridiculous treatment I am receiving.

So, the current doctor who is suppose to help me, he says I'm at dangerous levels, but then him and the other staff retracts it, saying it's nothing wrong with me. I mean, they know it's something there, but it seems as if they are trying really hard not to help me. Just yesterday, the staff told me the doctor was already on vacation and so a nurse would give me my lab results, in which I got another blood test yesterday. My family and I keep calling because of the severe pain I'm in and how gravely ill I am, but everyone keeps treating me like an after thought. I mean, of course it wouldn't bother them since they are not the ones feeling this severe pain.

Just today though, the doctor called himself even though he was suppose to be on vacation and said my levels were at a life threatening number and suggested to schedule for an ultrasound. The doctor mentioned I had liver sludge and gallstones, but we were frustrated he decided to wait all this time to share this information. The liver sludge does require surgery, but the medical professionals for some reason stalls in getting me care. I mean, I am doing all of the things they lecture us about doing when these things happens. I tried getting help before it became a life threatening problem, but no one has been willing to help me, but give me half services. Their nonchalance annoys me, especially when I hear everyday how America is the leading country for healthcare, services and technology, but it's a shame I don't have access to these top of the line services. As a Nursing Assistant, it gets hard helping others when I need help myself.

As far as for my health, I'm not sure what else to do besides go to the appointment for the ultrasound.

For my writing, I haven't been able to get any work done unfortunate due to my health getting worse recently. Since I did log into my computer today, I'll try to do some work until the severe pain returns. I have started a new project for a game, and that's currently what I'm doing at the moment. I will make sure to give even more updates whenever I can. 


  1. Second opinion! Goodness, get someone to listen to you. Hopefully someone decides to act and soon.

    1. Everyone I go to gives me the run around and is nonchalant about my health. I'll try to find someone who would listen which is why I decided to go public with my story to get help.


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