21 August, 2019

Surgery-Day and Post-Surgery Day

I have to say, these has been the worst few days of my life. Currently, I am at home, but before my discharge time because of a mean nurse that seemed to spoil the bunch. She was very nasty and our boss advised to put a complaint out on the nurse. So, we did, especially after the nurse was constantly insulting and for some reason, had something personally against me and my mom.

First, I will start off with Monday when I went for an appointment at the Fairview clinic in Fridley to see a general surgeon for my gallbladder removal. We did arrive there at 7a.m. even though my appointment was at 9a.m. The Nurse who was supposed to be prepping me before the surgeon, she was yelling at the top of her lungs at us saying we're supposed to have came at 9:00 am, but she was very angry we arrived early. However, I had been in excruciating pain really since January due to misdiagnoses and physicians who were unwilling to help me. I had severe pain during this time and didn't know if I could sit there for too long. So after arguing with this Nurse for a few minutes, before I was even weighed, I told her I just wanted to go without being seen. Nonchalantly, the Nurse said, "Okay." The surgeon never called or anything. I did think going to Marple Grove was too far anyway.

I just wanted to go home and rest, but my mom insisted that I don't give up. She drove me to Allina Unity Hospital. At the time, my mom and I never heard of the reviews which speaks against seeking care here. I just wanted somewhere closer to home. After the encounter with the Nurse however, I was frustrated and annoyed with everyone because as I stated, I was sick of being treated poorly and people not helping me when I am gravely ill. I was taken in the back immediately to get some vitals. I had a fever, which was a concern at the moment. Now, everyone was finally on board that I had gallstones that needed to be removed. I continued to suffer from a UTI, but it still seemed no one wanted to give anything for the infection.

I was given another ultrasound before meeting my new surgeon, Dr. Cody who at first the introduction was a bit rocky, but later on, I realized he lightened up and was more diplomatic. I did share my symptoms with him, and he told me he feels the gallstones are most likely not the only problem I have, but it may help with one issue, but not getting rid of all of my symptoms. Usually with just gallstones. there is no pain in someone's entire stomach which made me a bit curious what else was going on.

My mom told me Dr. Cody said my gallbladder opening was smaller than the average person's gallbladder. Due to how long every physician waited as long as they did, it became very dangerous. I didn't realize how close to death I was.

This was my very first surgery, in which I never knew what to expect. Well, I did being a healthcare professional myself and research, but not at a personal level. Going under anesthesia wasn't a bad feeling at all. It just felt like my usual tiredness after all night of writing and finally going to sleep. I blacked out, not remembering anything else, but then I found myself waking up and this guy sitting beside my bed, asking how was I feeling. I didn't like the feeling of waking up because I tried hard to wake up, but couldn't wake up as I wanted to. Everything was blurry as well. I was in severe pain, but I don't remember anything else but being brought into a room for post-surgery patients. At that time, I really hated how I felt.

The first two Nurses who assisted me at night I do have to say were diplomatic and professional, and I do appreciate how nice they were. I mean, they all rushed to me when I said I had difficulty breathing and a very nice woman explained kindly how I will be in some pain and it's going to take some time to feel better.

However, since there is a complaint, I will share the full experience since this will also be viewed by those in charge at Unity. So, her name was Kathy and the number was 62302 who made the end of the experience bad. As soon as she first stepped into the room, Kathy was yelling about the circulation in my legs and preventing blood clots, in which this was something my mom and I did know being healthcare professionals. I even made a post on leg circulation. My mom was trying to explain to Kathy she's also a nurse and has been a nurse for over 25 years. I stepped in and said she would know that about preventing blood clots, and it was only because of her tone and how she was saying it. I don't like hearing people disrespecting my mom at all. Finally, my mom said she's getting her Master's degree in the healthcare major. Kathy says, "Good for you."

Next up, she was yelling at my mom about going down to the cafeteria, but rudely insisting on ordering something from the menu.

Well, the most insulting comment was how Kathy kept yelling at me saying how I need to get up and walk around. I can't just sit in bed all day, which was an insult to someone who's a Nursing Assistant, full time writer, game developer, fashion designer, blogger and who is creating their own e-commerce store. I was like, are you kidding me? I am a home-healthcare Nursing Assistant who goes around helping those with physical and mental disabilities in their home because they don't have anyone else to help them. That isn't anyone who just sits around the house all day. Yeah, she said it as if I don't have a life, a job or anying, but I just lay in bed day-in and day-out, doing absolutely nothing. How would she know what I do all day?

She asked how would I rate my pain. Honestly, it was excruciating and so I answered truthfully saying it was a 10. Then all of a sudden, she says, "seriously?" Laughing. She said there was no way my pain could be at a 10 and how unrealistic that was, but how did she know how bad my pain was? I already knew how the scale 1-10 worked, I think everyone even non-healthcare professionals does understand how it works and what it means. No, I wasn't being unrealistic and yes, I did know what I was saying, in which it wouldn't have been unrealistic for a person who just had surgery to get their gallbladder removed a few hours ago. Someone who was in agonizing pain, that was very insulting and insensitive to say the least. For hours, I was in pain, but she stalled and didn't want to give me any pain medicine, a good thing my mom had a Tylenol in her purse that I was able to take. She was very nonchalant I was in pain.

I was supposed to get discharged, but she purposely stalled and waited, knowing I was in severe pain. My medicine I was prescribed hadn't been filled also, and it wouldn't be filled until about 7:00 p.m., which was a long time for someone to wait who just had surgery. I'm not sure what was Kathy's deal and why she hated me so much when neither of us hadn't of did anything to her. So, I just wanted to leave without the discharge papers and the prescription since I was in so much pain and no one was willing to give me anything else. We left, and when we were leaving, the Nurse made a joke out of a tragedy my mom told her about that happened at the Target parking lot. I didn't think a 4 year old boy and his mother getting ran over and drug underneath a vehicle was funny, in which the entire staff behind the counter thought it was amusing. I thought they all were very insensitive and it was inappropriate to have laughed about a child and his mom getting hit by a car being healthcare professionals. Obviously they don't care anything at all about patients and I would feel very uncomfortable being under their care again.

I just hated how she always had to be right and how she had to be more experienced and more knowledgeable than my mom, and of course, I didn't know anything because I'm nothing but a slob who lays in bed all day without no life or job or career. During the entire time, my mom still tried to get her to lighten up and remained professional and nice to her even though she there seemed to be something about us she loathed. I wasn't sure what it was about us that she disliked, and why she thought she needed to sabotage me and personally attack me and my mom. We never did or say anything that would offend or disrespect her, but every word she spoke, it was insensitive and cruel. 

I said this whole thing so I could give my full experience and since they did wish for me to share all that happened at this hospital. I was very disappointed at the end. This did make me skeptical about returning to this hospital for anything else.

So, I am currently trying to recover from surgery. It may take awhile...        

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