04 September, 2019

A Few Random Updates

It's been 15 days since my surgery, yet I still struggle with recovering. The surgery has slowed me down significantly to the point it's really hard caring for my new rabbit and other pets my family has. It wasn't until now did I realize how much work it is caring for a rabbit. It's a good thing I get help from my family.

It's even hard writing posts, but I  just tried to post something in order to keep the blog active. Unfortunately I haven't been well enough to post for my other two blogs, but I'll post whenever I'm able to. I know I haven't posted since surgery.

It really sucks when you find out you're not as healthy as you thought you were, and these are one of those cases with me. So apparently, I have a few other health problems and so I do have an appointment to further examine my upper abdomen, where my problem is. I may need another procedure done, but I am hoping I don't have to go through another surgery. I am still regretting having my first surgery.

Despite this, I am still trying to get my book Polar Qimuktis released, but it has been hard doing so. I just need to make sure it is completely polished before sending it out there. In spite of my health, I am still determined to finally become a published writer. I didn't work this hard just to give up. Well, my family's been my source of encouragement because I've struggled to pursue being a writer. I think I would feel better if I was to publish something.

So, I can only write this for now. I'll make sure to share more updates soon.

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