28 September, 2019

Just Wanted to Share an Update...

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted.

I am starting the process of migrating from Google Docs. Due to Google removing many of their departments, I just wanted my work to be somewhere I feel is more secure. So, I decided to work on OneDrive although I've been experiencing some difficulties doing so. That's why I looked up other places that allows you to write books, but I just don't trust companies I've never heard of before or don't know enough about. First too, I like to see their stocks and how the company is doing to make sure my work won't be lost. It does seem Microsoft is more secure than other companies.

My health did delay my book being released. However, I recently believed releasing it during the winter season would be more appropriate.

It has been hard to post for one blog, let alone three. I will try to post something for the two other blogs as well when I can. That's all I can write.  


  1. Sorry you aren't any better. Time to raise hell with the doctors.
    One Drive and Microsoft is a good combination.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think it is about time to demand to be given the care I need since my health has worsened. Yes, I do believe that is also a good place to work in.


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