09 September, 2019

New Random Updates

Recently, I've been getting into the final editing of Polar Qimuktis. It has been hard, but I try to do a little everyday. During editing, it was pointed out I use lots of non-American spelling, words and phrases when writing. I'm not sure where this habit originated from; perhaps reading classic books all the time? I have noticed these books having the same spelling and words that I now use in writing.

I was told I would feel better after surgery, but I don't feel better. In fact, I am feeling worse. I notice my family worrying since learning I was close to death. Before surgery, I did feel myself losing energy and life draining from me. My mom told me a bunch of crows surrounded the house, almost as if they knew I was dying. I felt weaker and weaker each day, but I didn't realize I was actually dying. A few days later, the same ill feelings return, especially this strange pain in my upper abdomen. I am not sure what this pain is since the surgery did not solve anything. I realized perhaps I'm not out of the woods yet.

Some asked to see the incisions, and so here is one...

The stitches are inside the incision, which allows you to see inside of these deep cuts. I now have a problem where 3 of the incisions are reopening and I feel the stitches busting. I have been doing things against what I'm suppose to do after surgery. Yes, I confess to lifting things heavier than 10 pounds, which can cause serious injury.

So, I am trying to figure out why I feel the same after my surgery.

I am in bad shape; so I just wanted to post for the week unless I decide to share another health update this week.


  1. I hope you go back to the doctor soon and they find out what is really wrong with you - and fix it! Will be praying for you.


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