31 October, 2019

For this Halloween...

Hope everyone is doing well. I wasn't going to post for today, but something compelled me to. I am spending my Halloween a bit differently this year. Well, during this time, it does inspire me to work on projects that can fit into the Halloween and Harvest season. However, I'm in reflection after recently finding out one of my favourite Youtuber passed away. The Channel is called Grandpa Kitchen, where Narayana Reddy cooks a variety of foods to feed to children in India. My family has been watching this channel for some time now and grown quite fond of seeing Narayana. Here is the video where I found out.

My family were all saddened to know he passed away, but you can tell this was inevitable since he no longer did the cooking or anything on the channel. It can be interesting how someone you never met can impact you so, but he has impacted many lives. Narayana spent these years being a service to others which takes a lot of courage. There's just not many people in the world who cares about others and it's hard finding those who would give their time to helping those besides themselves. He can inspire others to be more considerate for less fortunate individuals.

This is one of many reasons why I'm in reflection today. I just had to at least say something about Grandpa Kitchen when I've watched this channel for years. It's gonna be awhile to get over the news. 

I just wanted to post about this. I'll post again soon.


  1. So sorry to hear of his passing, but how wonderful he's touched yours and so many others' lives. Thank you for sharing him with us.


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