09 October, 2019

This is Ridiculous Now...

Merhaba to anyone who is reading this. Today was the only day I was able to post, but I cannot get over the poor quality care I've been receiving. No, I am not feeling any better, and everyone's lack of concern is getting ridiculous now. I am disappointed how I've been treated by every healthcare professional I seeked help from.

Since I continue to have pain and complications even after my surgery, it is fair to say the problem was never resolved. I just hate how the surgeon and plus the doctor I recently made my primary doctor, had ridden me off and assumed they would be done with me after the surgery; neither were listening as I mentioned ongoing problems, as long with serious complications related to the surgery. While one told me those problems were for the primary doctor, the other insisted I see the surgeon about my complications, but both making it perfectly clear they had no interest in having me as a patient again. I recently removed the doctor as my primary doctor due to this, although he denies what his staff already relayed to me.

I recently went for an MRI as I stated before in a previous post, but I never really heard anything back nor for my blood test. I did this with the specialist, but now I constantly get results from my blood test in the mail. However, how is someone suppose to understand the results if they do not work in the lab? What annoys me is how everyone continues to say everything looks perfectly normal; but this mirrors the prior incident, where they kept telling me nothing was wrong even though I needed surgery.

When going on MyChart, I saw five health issues that was claimed I currently have. This is weird since no one contacted me at all about any of these findings. That's how it's been the entire year. There is very poor communication with everything, where I'm left in the dark about everything. For every test and procedure, they are silent, never explaining anything to me or giving me any papers that shares information about the test or procedure I just had. Plus, for tests, they all wait for a long time to decide to tell me what was found.

One problem, Arrhythmia, affects the heart where it claims my heart has a malfunction in the electrical system. I read about it and this perfectly matches my symptoms. Reading on the treatment, according to the Mayo Clinic, Arrhythmia requires a doctor's care and sometimes can be solved with surgery.

Second, Anemia, which was something my mom knew I had for years. The other three relates to the upper abdomen, which does need a prescription and some hospitalization (being a huge cancer risk), but I do not trust to be under a hopsital's care how I've been treated by everyone. I was very angry no one told me anything about what was found, instead, I keep being told there were no findings at all. I wonder why are they trying to cover up the obvious health problems I have?

The specialist who performed the endoscope procedure seemed horrified by what he saw, claiming to have seen erosions, ulcers and inflammation in my entire stomach, wondering why I took Aleve. Well, I was told to take Aleve for pain; in addition, no one was willing to give me anything for the pain, not caring I was in severe pain. Dr. Sandozi said this, but afterwards he was silent as everyone else. He never was willing to help with the healing process with my stomach. No one did, which I felt was immoral to completely drop me as a patient after finding this.

I am still in severe pain and is gravely ill, but I've been figuring out things on my own and dealing with these problems without help. For my experiences, I do not recommend anyone trust the company Allina with their health. 

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