24 November, 2019

My Ideal Writing Style

Ever since I started reading only classic literature, I began picking up 19th century writing styles. To me, the 19th century writing seems more intellectual and- I don't know, it's just something about this writing style that I prefer.

It became a habit really. I found myself using older phrases, words and spelling. That is why instead of favorite, I write favourite and instead of traveled, I use travelled. They are technically not incorrect spelling, but they were common during the 19th century. I have read advice against writing in the 19th century style, but I think it's not too bad for historical books.

I find it beautiful and poetic. So, in my first book I plan to publish, I may have writing patterns from the 19th century. It's sort of a mix of 19th century and modern.

When I stated blogging, I only wrote in this style. That was until I realized people wasn't able to understand what I saying. So, I tried modernizing my writing, although I continue to use the 19th century spelling. 

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