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  • It has been about 5 months since my surgery and to answer questions, yes, I am still very ill. I know weeks probably went by without me posting anything to either blog, but it has been really hard to muster up the strength to write this post. I find myself unable to write posts anymore. I know I did say I write a bunch of posts in advance, but they still need words to be added to them.

    If you notice inconsistencies with posting or even streaming on Twitch, please know this is the reason why and be understanding. I end up cutting live streams earlier than I want due to my ongoing health problems, and it just seems like I am physically unable to go for long streams. However, perhaps if I change the scheduling I could stream longer.

    Speaking of Twitch though, I wanted to announce that I will be buying a new set of equipment and add a mic to my stream. Me being introverted is not the interactive type, but my goal on Twitch is to eventually become a Partner. So, I notice the more successful streamers are the ones who interact with their viewers, and so this is why I'll be including a mic. I will add a camera later, but only when my health has been taken care of. Plus, when my full Living Doll appearance is complete. Yes, I'm still pursuing this goal, but my health as I stated before has delayed it.

    Pretty soon, I would like to stream in Turkish, but I just notice a lot of the games I play cannot be translated to the Turkish language. At the beginning of the stream, I do change the language to the language I wish to stream in. Most of the games I noticed can be translated to Russian though!

    My family owns the Xbox One and PS4, in which, everyone says by far these are the best consoles to have. That was why I was not sure about the Nintendo Switch. I mean, we did know to wait for something better than the Wii to come out, but I wanted to do research on the console before purchasing it. I do feel this one kind of ranks third. Despite my skepticism, the Nintendo Switch was my Christmas gift which was a really nice one. What I do love about the console are the more Japanese and more kawaii styled games, that seem to fit my style more. Currently, I am conducting research on games that would be worth my time and money. Actually, I want games that would be good for streaming but games I like.

    Also, I recently discovered I can stream mobile games. I don't play mobile games, but I can start if that would help me not run out of games to play. There are lots of kawaii mobile games I'm willing to stream, but the thing is just I can get easily bored with mobile games or easily distracted by another game. I have seen that Mario Kart Tour, but to honest, I think Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is better than Mario Racing games. I love the-you know what, I'll just create another post about that whenever I'm able to.

    Lastly, despite of my health, this hasn't stopped me from editing my book, Polar Qimuktis. Nothing would stop or slow me down. I worked through my poor health, showing how determined I am to become an established author. I've been inspired by the recent mention of the Iditarod and even discovering more about my family's ancestry of the Siberian region. This helped me put some spirituality into the series. 

    So, I hope I answered the questions that were asked on social media. I am pretty much tapped out now. I'll try to post every week if I can. If there are any errors I may have missed, I'll fix them later. Well, dasvidaniya for now...

    Updates and Upgrades

  • The Steampunk genre has to be one of the most (one of many) interesting genres for books. Steampunk is considered a Sub-Genre which brings Science Fiction and Fantasy together. From my observation, it seems to lean more towards Science Fiction with a little elements of Fantasy. It does depend upon the story itself. Each story is different.

    Steampunk is usually in a historical setting, most commonly in the 19th century 1800's, but it doesn't have to always be in these times. It brings vintage and technology and also Science together. There are industrial themes and settings in Steampunk books. They have lots of machines, robots and inventions.

    Years ago, I developed an interest in Steampunk after meeting a few people on Facebook. That was all before the problem I had with Facebook. I always had an interest in 19th century history which is why I spent years studying this time period. I find everything about this time fascinating, especially the beautiful dresses. I love Victorian dresses due to their attention to detail, their style and their modesty. It's also how I was introduced to Steampunk.

    I met this British guy in particular who loved Steampunk and often wore clothing from the Victorian era. It was actually one of his professions. Then I wondered, what is Steampunk? I want to know more. So I did some searches and discovered it brings all of my interests together; Science Fiction, technology, historical eras and Fantasy.

    This is around the time I decided to write a Steampunk book series. It is Science Fiction as well as Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Paranormal and I guess Horror. Although it has been placed on hold until I am ready to publish this one, I have already worked on this WIP. I continue to add ideas to it. I've done the necessary research and created a story based off of it. The main character was and also some concepts. I just added lots more to the idea of this dream.

    I just hope to be able to create more stories in the Steampunk genre...  

    Steampunk Genre

  • It's time for another Insecure Writer's Support Group post. If you are curious to know what it is, please visit here:

    Let's play a game. Imagine. Role-play. How would you describe your future writer self, your life and what it looks and feels like if you were living the dream? Or if you are already there, what does it look and feel like? Tell the rest of us. What would you change or improve?

    As my goals always have been, I would be an established writer who already published at least some books by now. My future writer self is someone who can just write in peace and continue to do what I love doing. It would be better to live somewhere more peaceful without confrontational neighbors. I'm a peaceful person, and prefer to live in a serene place perfect for writing. In order to achieve this, I'm willing to give up some "freedoms" to live in another country if that meant being able to write more in peace. This is why I've been interested in places good for retirement. I'm not retiring but I know these locations would be appropriate for a writer.

    Since my Living Doll career is a part of my writing career, I would love to complete my Kawaii lifestyle before publication. 

    In a sense, I feel I am living the dream partially. No, some goals have not been reached yet, but I realized it is a rare value to find your passion and do accordingly. Through observation, I've seen so many not satisfied with their jobs. Life is short, and I just don't want to waste non-returnable time on something I dislike doing. I'm glad I found what I loved doing early on instead of much later. 

    IWSG: December 4, 2019

  • Since music has always been the most important part of writing (and other work), I've spoken a lot about Spotify for years. Recently however, a new incident caused me to move on to other music streamers. Well, I'm still trying to find the best music streaming service other than Spotify. I'd never thought this would ever happen.

    So, I haven't been able to post because I've not been well enough to log in to my computer. However, for the past few days I haven't used my Spotify account, I noticed strange music being played. I paid for the family premium plan and so it shares what I play on Spotify with everyone in the house. I too began, like I said before, seeing music currently playing on Spotify I know I was not playing. I also knew I don't listen to such songs. A few days later, I logged into my computer especially to see why these songs were popping up on Spotify. I saw random songs added to my favourites, recently played artists and songs were added to playlists that did not go with the lists at all. I soon realized someone had access to my Spotify account. 

    I contacted Spotify via chat, and I saw told my password was randomized without being told what my password was changed to. I know I tend to share pretty personal things, but I thought I should go post why I will not being using Spotify anymore and why not share the full story since I can? Anyway, the guy asks for a screenshot of a bank statement showing the first time I paid for Spotify Premium. You know someone doesn't just have this on hand. So I told him I would have to first find it then take the screenshot. While doing this, he continues to threaten to cut off the chat from his impatience. After awhile, he does decide to end the chat. However, he had randomized my password, logged me out of my account, and for some reason, completely deleted my Spotify account and canceled my Premium subscription. I'm not sure why he had such a foul attitude as he did and he felt the need to do all of this. 

    So, I contacted Spotify on Twitter. They pleaded to handle it through messaging, not wanting others to read how their employer's been behaving and their poor services. I did respect their wishes up until now because I felt the situation was not properly handled by neither of the staff at Spotify. I felt is was pretty crappy that they erased all of my saved payments as if I never paid anything when I had the Premium subscription for years. 

    So, I moved to Pandora, but I wasn't satisfied in how most of my music I liked listening to wasn't on this one, especially my favourite Russian singer, Sogdiana. Yes, I think it was worth leaving Spotify because someone was using my account, and plus, the first employer blocked me from having access to my own account anyway. So it was just time to move on.  

    Moving on to Other Music Streamers

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