03 December, 2019

Moving on to Other Music Streamers

Since music has always been the most important part of writing (and other work), I've spoken a lot about Spotify for years. Recently however, a new incident caused me to move on to other music streamers. Well, I'm still trying to find the best music streaming service other than Spotify. I'd never thought this would ever happen.

So, I haven't been able to post because I've not been well enough to log in to my computer. However, for the past few days I haven't used my Spotify account, I noticed strange music being played. I paid for the family premium plan and so it shares what I play on Spotify with everyone in the house. I too began, like I said before, seeing music currently playing on Spotify I know I was not playing. I also knew I don't listen to such songs. A few days later, I logged into my computer especially to see why these songs were popping up on Spotify. I saw random songs added to my favourites, recently played artists and songs were added to playlists that did not go with the lists at all. I soon realized someone had access to my Spotify account. 

I contacted Spotify via chat, and I was told my password was randomized without being told what my password was changed to. I know I tend to share pretty personal things, but I thought I should go post why I will not be using Spotify anymore and why not share the full story since I can? Anyway, the guy asks for a screenshot of a bank statement showing the first time I paid for Spotify Premium. You know someone doesn't just have this on hand. So I told him I would have to first find it then take the screenshot. While doing this, he continues to threaten to cut off the chat from his impatience. After a while, he does decide to end the chat. However, he had randomized my password, logged me out of my account, and for some reason, completely deleted my Spotify account and canceled my Premium subscription. I'm not sure why he had such a foul attitude as he did and he felt the need to do all of this. 

So, I contacted Spotify on Twitter. They pleaded to handle it through messaging, not wanting others to read how their employer's been behaving and their poor services. I did respect their wishes up until now because I felt the situation was not properly handled by neither of the staff at Spotify. I felt it was pretty crappy that they erased all of my saved payments as if I never paid anything when I had the Premium subscription for years. 

So, I moved to Pandora, but I wasn't satisfied with how most of my music I liked listening to wasn't on this one, especially my favourite Russian singer, Sogdiana. Yes, I think it was worth leaving Spotify because someone was using my account, and plus, the first employer blocked me from having access to my own account anyway. So it was just time to move on.  

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