21 December, 2019

The Steampunk Reflection

The Steampunk genre has to be one of the most (one of many) interesting genres for books. Steampunk is considered a Sub-Genre which brings Science Fiction and Fantasy together. From my observation, it seems to lean more towards Science Fiction with a little elements of Fantasy. It does depend upon the story itself. Each story is different.

Steampunk is usually in a historical setting, most commonly in the 19th century 1800's, but it doesn't have to always be in these times. It brings vintage, technology and also science together. There are industrial themes and settings in Steampunk books. They have lots of machines, robots and inventions.

Years ago, I developed an interest in Steampunk after meeting a few people on Facebook. That was all before the problem I had with Facebook. I always had an interest in 19th century history which is why I spent years studying this time period. I find everything about this time fascinating, especially the beautiful dresses. I love Victorian dresses due to their attention to detail, their style and their modesty. It's also how I was introduced to Steampunk.

I met this British guy in particular who loved Steampunk and often wore clothing from the Victorian era. It was actually one of his professions. Then I wondered, what is Steampunk? I want to know more. So I did some searches and discovered it brings all of my interests together; Science Fiction, technology, historical eras and Fantasy.

This is around the time I decided to write a Steampunk book series. It is Science Fiction as well as Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Paranormal and I guess Horror. Although it has been placed on hold until I am ready to publish this one, I have already worked on this WIP. I continue to add ideas to it. I've done the necessary research and created a story based off of it. The main character was and also some concepts. I just added lots more to the idea of this dream.

I just hope to be able to create more stories in the Steampunk genre...  

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