30 December, 2019

Updates and Upgrades

It has been about 5 months since my surgery and to answer questions, yes, I am still very ill. I know weeks probably went by without me posting anything to either blog, but it has been really hard to muster up the strength to write this post. I find myself unable to write posts anymore. I know I did say I write a bunch of posts in advance, but they still need words to be added to them.

If you notice inconsistencies with posting or even streaming on Twitch, please know this is the reason why and be understanding. I end up cutting live streams earlier than I want due to my ongoing health problems, and it just seems like I am physically unable to go for long streams. However, perhaps if I change the scheduling I could stream longer.

Speaking of Twitch though, I wanted to announce that I will be buying a new set of equipment and add a mic to my stream. Me being introverted is not the interactive type, but my goal on Twitch is to eventually become a Partner. So, I notice the more successful streamers are the ones who interact with their viewers, and so this is why I'll be including a mic. I will add a camera later, but only when my health has been taken care of. Plus, when my full Living Doll appearance is complete. Yes, I'm still pursuing this goal, but my health as I stated before has delayed it.

Pretty soon, I would like to stream in Turkish, but I just notice a lot of the games I play cannot be translated to the Turkish language. At the beginning of the stream, I do change the language to the language I wish to stream in. Most of the games I noticed can be translated to Russian though!

My family owns the Xbox One and PS4, in which, everyone says by far these are the best consoles to have. That was why I was not sure about the Nintendo Switch. I mean, we did know to wait for something better than the Wii to come out, but I wanted to do research on the console before purchasing it. I do feel this one kind of ranks third. Despite my skepticism, the Nintendo Switch was my Christmas gift which was a really nice one. What I do love about the console are the more Japanese and more kawaii styled games, that seem to fit my style more. Currently, I am conducting research on games that would be worth my time and money. Actually, I want games that would be good for streaming but games I like.

Also, I recently discovered I can stream mobile games. I don't play mobile games, but I can start if that would help me not run out of games to play. There are lots of kawaii mobile games I'm willing to stream, but the thing is just I can get easily bored with mobile games or easily distracted by another game. I have seen that Mario Kart Tour, but to honest, I think Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is better than Mario Racing games. I love the-you know what, I'll just create another post about that whenever I'm able to.

Lastly, despite of my health, this hasn't stopped me from editing my book, Polar Qimuktis. Nothing would stop or slow me down. I worked through my poor health, showing how determined I am to become an established author. I've been inspired by the recent mention of the Iditarod and even discovering more about my family's ancestry of the Siberian region. This helped me put some spirituality into the series. 

So, I hope I answered the questions that were asked on social media. I am pretty much tapped out now. I'll try to post every week if I can. If there are any errors I may have missed, I'll fix them later. Well, dasvidaniya for now...


  1. Sorry you are still having such bad health issues, so much that it's a challenge just to write.
    Glad you're enjoying the Switch. I have an XBox that is several years old, but I rarely use it. Most of my games are either computer games or ones I play on my iPad Pro.

    1. Yeah, it kind of is challenging to do anything. Thank you. I actually haven't played the Switch yet, but I will soon and will post an update. Wow, very interesting.


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