25 January, 2020

A Special Post

I'm not sure how long it's been since I last posted, but I know it was awhile ago. So I thought about the time when I first started this blog. I still have a long way to go with blogging, but I just wanted to share some thoughts. As usual, I'm studying Web Development and will be studying at Southern New Hampshire University. I was enrolling at Rasmussen College, but with my family's previous bad experience at this University, I cancelled going to this one. I actually don't recommend Rasmussen, but I do see Southern New Hampshire University as the better college. It's strictly online.

I titled this post "special" because I wanted to create a special thank you post. For a long time I didn't think anyone read my posts, but recently I was proven otherwise. For my surgery, I felt blogging about it was another outlet for me and I do appreciate those who took the recovery process with me, and continue to. Anyway, I notice the diverse group of readers/viewers and this is what I prefer. As a person for multiculturalism, I welcome any and everyone from anywhere in the world to my blogs. Most importantly, I wished to thank those who take the time out to read my posts. I know I've been talking about becoming a published writer for years now, and I do appreciate the people who stuck around at the beginning rather than those who come later when I become established. I believe these viewers are more valuable than the ones who arrives later on.

I realized I wasn't quite done editing and polishing the Polar Qimuktis book. It was suppose to have been published in 2019, but my health delayed publication. I am still in the recovering, poor health stage, but I'm still working to get the book done. The delay allowed me to see things that needed to be tweaked a bit more before releasing the book. I do want to put my best work out. I'm currently on chapter 17 and still have a few more chapters to go. What I would need to do next is make sure it's completely polished because I'm a perfectionist. Being that it's the beginning of the year, it allows me to release it this year. I know for sure it will be published in 2020. I am aiming to at least have the book finished by Spring.

As usual, I will post with more updates and stuff when I'm able to.


  1. Sorry I arrived late to the party, but glad you have those who've stuck with you.

    1. I consider you the very first who read my posts and stuff before I become established since I am not yet established.


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