24 February, 2020

Why I became a Writer

I missed the weekend, but I'm posting today... I received a question wondering what made me want to become a writer. I thought to answer this question here.

I'm not sure how. Years ago in my earliest writing stages, I didn't want to be a writer although I did love writing and writing stories. It wasn't until a few years later when I was trying to find my calling. I was-well, people consider me still at the stage where I am trying to find my way in the world due to my age. I think they're right. Still, I was trying to find what I loved doing because I was taught to build your career around your passions. I agree with this. I realized I love writing and I minus well work on what I loved doing.

Early on though was when I determined writing to be a serious pursuit for me. I was becoming more serious about my writing. That's when I took the time out to learn how to properly write a book and about proper writing. I took classes as well, mostly about academic writing and the English language. These were things to help with my grammar and build up my vocabulary. I also knew reading books would help me as well. I did like reading, but I only love reading classic reads. I'm not sure why I don't enjoy reading modern day books.

I know people advised writers to read modern books, but I just prefer older books over newer ones. There's just something about them that I find more enjoyable to read. I guess it's because of my love for history and that I've always taken the time to study history. Most of my majors during schooling were history based. As soon as I found a class offering American Civil War lessons, I immediately signed up. So most of the books I read were written in the 1800's, my favourite time period. My favourite is the Civil War era. I know my wording, grammar and even spelling can be obsolete, but I still continue to read only classic books. I have learned a great deal about writing from them as well.

My answer to this question, it's always going to be because I simply love writing. I was influenced by my love for writing, my passion for creating, especially something that I created. It's nice to see your creation and it would be even nicer to finally have an establishment in my writing career. I see published writers and I can't help but to want that for myself. I think that's going to be me one day. I'm not letting anyone get in the way of my goal and I'll make sure that will happen. 


  1. It will happen for you! Just keep writing.

  2. Well stated, Sweet Pea! Now, please give mommy your books so I can start editing and releasing your work!

    1. Thank you very much! I will. I just wanted to read it first. Then make sure I didn't miss any errors.


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