13 March, 2020


After a long struggle of trying to finish rereading my Polar Qimuktis book, I have completed this goal. I wished to have finished rereading and editing the book sooner, but it's better than not ever finishing. My work is not quite done as I realized though. I fixed most of the errors. While the very ending is fine the way it was before, it was agreed the conclusion needed more to be added. So I believe to have amplified the intensity of the mood felt in the conclusion.

Also next on the to-do is to check the French to make sure it is correct. There is some French dialogue spoken by native French speakers and so accuracy is crucial. I studied French years ago but stopped. Not sure why, but I know I'm rusty since I haven't spoken in French in years. This is the reason I began learning French again. Learning French is sort of required for the entire Polar Qimuktis series. I incorporated a variety of different cultures, one including the French culture and French settings sometimes in the series. This was from years ago due to my early interest in France and the French language. Well, mainly when I was introduced to French music.

Recently today, I looked over again writing techniques to improve myself as a writer. I do have many other projects, but since this is my first book to publish, I want it to be the best I can get it. In my research, I learned about how to write more descriptively. I think my favourite writing style would have to be more of a prose, poetic style; more like the classic literature. I prefer the 19th century form of writing. I tried toning it down in my blogging and writing because many experts believed modern writers should write modernly. I realized this is the style I love. It also fits my lifestyle since I will be wearing historical clothing everyday. Well, my style is more like a modern twist to 19th century writing.

I would like to share one of the videos I watched...

UPDATE: Since this time, I have reviewed academic writing advice. After viewing it, I learned this How to Write Fiction That Comes Alive tells people to use unnecessary wording. I'll continue this in a future post. 


  1. Find a critique partner who does speak or write fluent French - then you know it will be accurate.

    1. Thank you. I never had a critique partner, but could try it out.


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