01 April, 2020

IWSG: April 1, 2020

It's April 1st, time for another Insecure Support Group post. If you would like to learn more about it, visit this link:

Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the ZONE? Care to share? 

Well, I don't do anything special but look over notes if I have them. The outlines and notes help me see where I'm going. Then I'm staring into space for awhile. I noticed this strange habit recently. I think this is only because I now have a problem with concentrating. I noticed some strange behaviours I never had before prior to my surgery, which effects my writing. This is why I do need something to help 

I first go to my playlist though and have to plan out what I'll do for the project I will work on for that day. The music helps me get into a specific mind set in order to write in a particular tone. This is only for orchestral music, which I love for Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror projects. When it comes to my other music, it is universal but still I suppose gets me into a "zone". No, it's not orchestral music. I have different playlist that helps me get into writing. All the other ones are international/world music. The lyrics no longer have to relate to my writing. It just have to be my preference of music as I write.  I think my music is my main source for this question. 


  1. Music always helps me get in the zone.

    1. Music does seem like the best preference for this.

  2. I really like to put on one of those rain sounds tracks. It blocks out the noise, of course, but it also seems to zone me out pretty fast. Happy IWSG Day.

    1. I really love the sound of the rain. I love listening to this usually background noise for sleep. Pretty nice choice. You too.


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