22 August, 2020

My Experience: Owning a Siberian Husky

I remember someone asking one day would I want to return to mushing. Some days make me want to; others not so much. I am satisfied with writing about sled dogs. I still have the same passion for them as I did years ago. I wanted to share my experience of owning a Siberian Husky named Timber. Remember the name for later. Very important that you do. 

She was a beautiful Husky that was bought from the mall like our current dogs. I don't know, it just feels more convenient to buy dogs at the mall. The lady working there told us she was the favorite, and was the "creme of the crop"

Timber was brought home and as soon as she did, she began making these strange screaming sounds. It was very hard because she kept us up all hours of the night trying to figure out what she wanted. She was a mischievous pup who liked biting our ankles, digging up the yard and destroying the house. However, she was perfect for a lead dog and for mushing. Timber just needed a strong person to handle her and I was willing to be that in order to train her for mushing. She actually was right for the job. 

As what was instructed, I tied small twigs and branches to her leash to get her use to pulling stuff and having something drag behind her. I also got her use to getting in and out of a sled dog harness. 

I know many say Huskies like to roam and break free from you, but I didn't notice that too much with Timber. Well, I know if she was off a leash, she was gone just as many other dogs. But she never attempted to free herself from us. No, she just liked biting on our legs and ankles. Unfortunately, we never was able to stop her from biting. Timber was a free spirited Husky who obviously loved to play, a lot. 

My upcoming project kind of reminds me all day of Huskies since it is about Huskies. So I wanted to share about this...

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